Augmented Reality Remote Support

Reduce the need for site visits and help both staff and customers stay safe by offering remote support. Diagnose by Commusoft is an Augmented Reality (AR) video call app that helps you diagnose problems, determine whether an in-person visit is required, and direct customers with easy-to-fix issues. This field service management technology is now available for iOS.


In response to the challenges communities are currently facing and the ongoing public health crisis, we are proud to present Diagnose by Commusoft. We are offering this service free to all Commusoft users for the next 3 months. Currently available for iOS, with Android coming in the near future.

AR + Field Service

Diagnose Remotely

Help Fix Issues

Reduce Site Visits

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Video conference with your customers

Diagnose empowers you to provide assistance when visiting a property is difficult or unnecessary. Simply start a remote support session from your iOS device to connect with the customer digitally. Customers can see exactly who they are speaking to as you help diagnose their issue and provide guidance with how they can best proceed.

  • Start a remote support session from any customer record
  • Customer installs the “Diagnose by Commusoft” app for iOS
  • Customers interact with their technician virtually
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Get a clear picture of their concern

We provide an upgrade from phone calls by allowing you to visualize your customer’s concerns in real time. Once you initiate a remote support session, your customer receives an invitation via text message to join the call. Your technician is able see exactly what your customer is pointing their camera at. By seeing the problematic asset, appliance, pipe – or whatever it is – you can quickly run through basic checks to try to diagnose the issue at hand.

  • See what and where the problem is
  • Assess how serious the customer’s issue is
  • Provide guidance and self-service advice
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Enhance appointment with Augmented Reality

During the video call, you may need to give your customer some pointers, such as “open that panel” or “flip that switch” (if it’s safe to!). To help guide the customer with these tasks, you can draw over the video to highlight certain areas. Better yet, these drawings use AR to stay anchored to an object, so even as the customer moves their device, they still see your markers. Our app uses innovative technology in a way that’s easy to use for both your technicians and customers.

  • Draw over the video to highlight specific areas
  • Markers are affixed using AR for greater precision
  • Quickly remove drawings with a tap of a button

Start now for free!

You can try using Diagnose remote support for free today. Currently, this feature is only available for iOS devices – this applies to both the Commusoft user and their customer.

Technicians and office staff can access the tool from any customer record on the iOS mobile app. From there, they will be guided through sending a request to the customer via email or text message. Customers will first need to download the Diagnose by Commusoft app from the App Store.

Android users, don’t fret: we’re working hard to bring this feature to your devices soon.

diagnose iOS preview

“We wanted to provide a tool for our clients that would help navigate these unique circumstances and in turn provide a better customer experience – despite the challenges!”


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