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Why use messaging systems designed for friends?

Take back control and bring your entire team into one secure solution.

Create channels, direct message, and track all job-related conversations with Commusoft's team chat system.

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Communicate seamlessly with the whole team

Team Chat Software

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We know the importance of team communications. Between text messages and other social messenger platforms, there's really no good solutions designed for tradespeople. That's why we decided to do something about it.

By bringing your internal team communications and Commusoft together, you can access a comprehensive chat system that works in parallel with your job management.

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Commusoft Chat example conversation

Group messaging software done right

Desktop & mobile

No matter whether you're in the office or on the road, our chat app is designed for web, iPhones, and Android devices.


Create private and public channels for any relevant topics and invite anyone in your company to join.

Job chats

Every job and estimate has its own unique conversation, which is automatically logged against the job record.

Direct messaging

Reach out to anyone in your team with direct messaging that works exactly the way you expect it to.

Photos & videos

A picture paints a thousands words; so attach photos and videos into any of your conversations.

Secure login

Your Chat login is tied to your Commusoft login, so you have one secure login for the whole system.
  1. Keep your entire company in one platform

    One System

    Forget the days of texting Terry, WhatsApp-ing Wayne, and calling Carl - now, your entire team is on Commusoft Chat. As soon as a new employee joins, they're part of the conversation - and if they leave, important customer information and chat histories are protected.

    • A single Commusoft login for employees only
    • Conversations and files are secure and protected
    • Add and remove licenses as needed
    Commusoft Chat for mobile and web
  2. Easily organise discussions for every job

    Job-Specific Chats

    Every job and estimate in Commusoft's chat system has a unique chat created for it. Loop in a technician for technical advice, bring in office staff to discuss payment options, or seek advice from a manager when you have a difficult customer - it's all saved against the job record for transparency.

    • Search and join chats by job number
    • Upload shared photos and videos directly to the job
    • Log the entire conversation in notes and communications
    Commusoft Chat attaching job conversation
  3. Swiftly chat with groups and individuals

    Chats and Channels

    How you choose to communicate is up to you! Create public company-wide channels, private channels, or directly message individuals. With our responsive system, you'll be notified as soon as you are contacted, whether discussing a job or after-work drinks.

    • Instant desktop and mobile notifications
    • Multiple ways to chat with groups or 1 to 1
    • Communicate with photos, video, and emojis
    Commusoft Chat between engineer and office

Join thousands of trades professionals

Communication tools for everyone

  • Business Owner

    As a business owner, you're no doubt very busy managing your different teams. With our Chat platform, you can instantly stay in touch with everyone in your business and send company-wide updates with a touch of a button.

  • Operations Manager

    As an operations manager, it's important that you can effectively coordinate individuals across your company and stay on top of any issues. Commusoft Chat offers accountability by logging all job-related conversations against the job record, so you can see exactly what's been said (and by who) when you need to.

  • Admin Staff

    Whether you spend your time answering calls, scheduling work, or handling finances, you'll need to stay in touch with different people throughout the day. If you need to contact a technician, loop into an ongoing job-related issue, or query an invoice, there's a designated place for that in Commusoft's Chat system.

  • Field Technician

    As a technician, you're on your feet all day running between different jobs. With the Commusoft Chat mobile app, you can bring all the company communications you need with you. Plus, benefit from unique job and quoting chats, so you can discuss specific jobs in an organized and structured way.

Communication tools for everyone

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