Drag and drop to automatically import vendor invoices

Forget painstakingly inputting vendor invoices into your field service software. Simply drag and drop the file into the browser and we'll do the rest, saving you time and helping avoid potential human errors. With automations like this, your business can drive efficiency and improve productivity.

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Automated vendor invoice import Commusoft feature

Vendor invoices can include vast quantities of information. Instead of spending your time typing out line after line, Commusoft can automatically read and import the data for you. This automation can save many hours for your office staff, while also avoiding potential entry errors.

Free up time spent manually importing data

Save staff time

By automating laborious workflows, such as inputting vendor invoices, you can save your team many hours per week. With our drag and drop functionality it couldn't get easier or quicker.

Reduce costly mistakes

Even small mistakes like a mistyped decimal place can create frustrating accounting discrepancies. With our PDF reading technology, the document is read and automatically imported with accuracy.

Link to POs

If the vendor invoice contains a recognized purchase order number, the system will intuitively link the two together, helping you keep better track of your records.

Drag and drop upload for vendor invoices

Intuitive and quick upload

Simply drag and drop the PDF vendor invoice into the browser to start uploading it – you can even drop in multiple files at once. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? We’ll upload a copy of the PDF too, so it’s kept safe for your records.

supplier invoice - customer records

We'll notify you when the invoice is ready

Sit back and relax whilst the system does all the hard work – reading, analyzing, and importing the data. We’ll notify you when the vendor invoice has successfully been created. If any errors are encountered, we’ll let you know specifically what those issues are, allowing you to easily address them.

Purchase orders software supplier invoice

Links any existing purchase orders

The newly generated invoice operates just like your other vendor invoices and you can edit any part of it as needed. If the invoice has a purchase order number that matches a PO number in Commusoft, the system will recognize it and link the two together.

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