Centralize all your customer correspondence in Commusoft’s communication logs

Keeping track of every single email, phone call, text message and letter, not to mention all the documents linked to a job or quote, can be a real challenge. With lots of different customers corresponding with several staff members, it can quickly become unmanageable. Accurate digital communication logs are the answer.

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Customer communication logs

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from field service businesses still using paper-based systems, is that it’s all too easy to lose track of documents and customer communications. Adopting work order management software can save you from the disorganised mountain of paperwork and information!

Get organized with comprehensive communication logs

Centralize communication

Storing everything in one place means you’ll never be scrabbling around for customer, job or supplier notes when you need them most

Create a seamless customer experience

All your office staff will have access to the same communication logs, meaning your customer will get a consistent experience with every staff member

Forget paper notes

With work order management software, you can store all your communications in the cloud and stop worrying about organizing paper notes

Communication logs table view

Keep track of emails, phone calls, SMS and documents sent to customers

With Commusoft’s communication logs, you can store information from every call, SMS text message, email, letter and more against the relevant customer or vendor. You’re able to centralise all your correspondence and have a complete history just a couple of taps away. You’re also able to customize the look of your communication logs by choosing between table or timeline views. Your staff will always be ready to answer a customer’s query quickly and accurately.

Timeline of communication logs

Commusoft logs every customer interaction

Commusoft records each time you interact with the customer. Whenever an office support person creates an invoice, reminder letter, or any other document a log is generated. Likewise, technicians who are in the field also create logs via their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, whenever they create invoices or checklists. This way there is a record of what’s going on and everyone is kept up to date.

Provide a truly professional customer experience

Have you ever had a query or complaint with a company and had to repeat yourself over and over as you’re passed between departments, while they figure out who can handle your problem? It’s not long before you’re frustrated, and frankly a bit angry, with the disorganization. Providing a great customer experience is of paramount importance for field service companies, as repeat business can mean the difference between sustainable growth and stagnation. With digital communication logs, your staff will always know exactly what your customer has said, and you can get on with demonstrating your knowledge and professionalism.

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