Job reporting for field service businesses

Gain oversight of your business with comprehensive job reporting, ensuring you have access to in-depth and up-to-date data when it's needed. View reports for anything linked to a job in Commusoft, including customers, parts, calendar events, and service reminders.

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Job reporting on a computer screen

Commusoft's field service software tracks all areas of your work, meaning you have access to accurate reporting across your entire business.

View reports of everything linked to your work orders

A wide variety of reports

A broad range of job reporting options are immediately available within Commusoft, so you can drill down into critical job data.

Dashboard widgets

Add useful widgets to your dashboard such as the job status, calendar events by status, and parts status widget, all helping you with your job reporting.

Custom reporting available

You can always create a custom report when you require a specific set of data, plus name it and save it for future use.

calendar view of job reporting option

Get an overview of all your work orders

The calendar is great for viewing the history and status of a particular job assigned to your technician, but for a full list of every job, the financial reporting and analytics area of Commusoft is indispensable. You can filter your jobs down to find exactly what you’re after and view reports on jobs you’ve aborted, free of charged or carried out additional works on. Utilize the job status widget to quickly see the status of all your jobs from the reporting dashboard.

Time sheet management view in the job reporting section

Gain insight into workforce performance

There are numerous indicators of a truly efficient and high-performing workforce. Commusoft allows you to view several reports that help you understand how your technicians are working and make decisions to improve the quality of your service. These include first-time fix rate, job recalls, and timesheets which show you how your technicians are spending their days.

Parts status widget for reporting

Track the status of parts

Having the right parts to hand means quicker jobs, simpler installs, and happier customers. Commusoft has made the process of ordering and requesting parts incredibly simple, it really is as easy as a few taps of a button! The parts reports can show you the status of each type of part you have and the number of parts that you’ve installed in a given time frame. With the parts status widget you get a quick overview of your parts – simply click if you wish to action those parts.

GPS tracking in the job reporting section

Detailed driving reports

If you are tracking your vehicles using Commusoft’s Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature, you can access a variety of driving reports. These include driving behavior (speeding, excessive cornering, braking, and acceleration) showing how technicians handle their vehicles, trip history records, and a driving leaderboard. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this feature!

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