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Extend your business by linking a payment gateway into Commusoft with just a few clicks. This will allow you to accept payments online and in the field.

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Everybody likes getting paid faster. With card payment gateways integrations, you can get paid in the field as soon as you finish the job. Commusoft will automatically sync the payment details to your customer and job history so everything is up-to-date.

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Stop waiting for payments

Don't wait around for customers to send checks or call and provide card payment over the phone. Once you've finished the job, you can take payment there and then.

Integrated records

Out integration will sync all the important information regarding a payment to the customer and work history.

Take control of your cash flow

Reduce payment issues and late payments with tools that help you to get paid promptly and efficiently.

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Stripe integration

Commusoft’s integration with Stripe allows you to quickly process transactions both on-site and online. Once the credit or debit card information is taken via Stripe, Commusoft marks the payment within your database and transfers it straight to your accounting package. Stripe is available both online and in mobile apps, and you will need a Commusoft account along with a Stripe account to get started.


SumUp integration

Take payment in the field or online with our SumUp integration. Using Bluetooth, the Commusoft app connects to the SumUp card payment terminal. It’s quick and easy to take payment as soon as a job is completed. For your ease, the invoice in Commusoft automatically updates and is marked as paid. This integration requires a subscription to SumUp and Commusoft.

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If you have any suggestions on a payment gateway that you’d like to see integrated with Commusoft, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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