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From commercial maintenance contracts, to residential installation and repair, your customers rely on you to expertly manage any situation. With so much to handle, you need the right support. Discover how Commusoft's unmatched digital solutions can help your trades business get the best of both worlds!

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Powerful Solutions for Commercial and Residential Services

We understand the different demands and expectations that come with commercial and residential work. Whether you need the ability to hire subcontractors for certain works, offer consolidated invoices, or provide out-of-hours availability, unique customizations is what Commusoft does best. Our platform is flexible, allowing our clients to balance home and commercial services simultaneously.
Commusoft service contract management software

Offer Professional Services

Increase Contract Renewals

Expert asset management, the ability to assign multiple job locations per client, and the capacity to handle unique service requirements ensure your team can go above and beyond for commercial clients, every time. Extending contracts has never been easier.

Maximize Contract Value

From mandatory planned maintenance appointments, to last-minute emergency call-outs, being flexibility is essential. After all, diversifying contracts with various services increases the benefits for your clients while boosting each contract’s monetary value. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Offer Powerful Self-Service Solutions

Rather than contacting your office, customer stakeholders can access a personalized 24/7 portal. Day or night, they can access live job updates, attached files, invoices, and more, for all their properties. Further, whenever they’re in need, clients can easily request appointments.

Learn more about Commercial Services with Commusoft

Customer database software

Build Lasting Trust

Improve Customer Retention

Commusoft’s Mobile App outfits techs with all relevant job details, so they can arrive prepared and complete jobs without contacting the office. Wowing customers with a savvy team builds satisfaction and word-of-mouth, meaning you can increase new and returning customers.

Boost Deal Sizes

For any service you offer, installation, maintenance, or repair, Commusoft Sales offers a custom proposal builder, dedicated pipeline management, and internal reminders. Further, sellers can increase deal values and win rates by offering relevant add-on options and bundle packages.

Provide Powerful Self-Help Tools

Extending business availability to 24/7, 365 days a year proves how much you care. Offering job booking through your website or service reminder message, live technician tracking, and the option to pay via invoice portal empowers customers while reducing pressure on your team.

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Commercial and Residential Software for The Whole Team

For any client and contract type, Commusoft offers custom solutions for each team member. Balancing the residential and commercial sides of your business has never been easier!

Testimonials for Commusoft

  • We captured over 60% more services now than we did before. Instead of a customer forgetting our details or can’t find us anymore, we’re capturing them before they have a chance to go somewhere else!"

    Gurminder Jassal
    G Jassal All Trades

    G Jassal All Trades
  • We’ve seen a huge rise in our commercial clients! This is in part, down to us utilizing the data, our internal processes, and our ability to be flexible and deliver a corporate service to corporate clients."

    David Adam
    Ayrshire Tree Surgeons

    Ayrshire tree surgeons logo
  • The logic of Commusoft was very easy for me to pick up. It made me have to think about the things I should be doing. There was a great framework of being able to organize everything in a system."

    Mary-Rachel Voity
    Voity Electrical

  • We’re getting our proposals out in record time; which means we can focus our time elsewhere which is the biggest plus!"

    Phil Clarke
    PCL Heating

    PCL Heating and Gas
  • Our technicians can run eight to 10 calls daily to maximize efficiency if the scheduled locations are close enough. And now, if a customer cancels, we can easily add a new repair to the technician schedule.”

    Aron Francis
    Heavenly Cool Appliance Repair

    Heavenly Cool Appliance Repair Company Logo
  • Commusoft is very technician friendly and very easy to use. The communication between the office and technician is instant.”

    Lincoln Smith
    Custom Heat

    Custom Heat

Top Home and Commercial Software Features

  • Manage Any Property Type

    Working with various residential and commercial clients involves managing the unique needs of multiple property types. An adaptable customer database platform allows admins to customize diverse building types, access parent records, and add multiple work addresses and contacts per customer. Valuable work information never falls through the cracks!

    Customer database software
  • Let Clients Help Themselves

    Providing self-service options benefits everyone involved, whether that be building managers, homeowners, or your admins. Digital self-help tools ensure your customers can get the support they need 24/7. Empower your customers to request new appointments, access past job reports, pay outstanding invoices, track traveling technicians, or more, and free your admins to handle higher-value tasks!

    Online booking showing job details
  • Organize Processes in the Field

    Standardize procedures for each service you offer by setting complex arrive and leave questions. Fully customizable, these workflows prompt technicians to complete questions before starting work, completing the job, or both. This guarantees techs follow protocol, perform site safety surveys, or more, so your team can offer consistent experiences for all customers.

    Pest control mobile leave questions
  • Offer Multiple Invoicing Types

    Managing a variety of commercial and residential customers means you need to offer different billing options and timelines. Stand apart by providing flexible invoicing options like deposit, interim, consolidated, automated, and more! Further, you can diversity payments by allowing technicians to invoice on-site, or, let your admins handle them from office.

    HVAC software with invoicing feature

Top Home and Commercial Software Features

Residential and Commercial Service Software FAQs

  • Commusoft clients maximize their residential and commercial operations with our platform. One of the keystones that sets Commusoft apart is flexibility.

    Your team can maintain notes against specific customer records, personalize customer communication messages, and create custom service contracts. Also, you can customize company documents, like invoicescustom forms, and job reports, with your logo and brand colors. And as a bonus, admins can choose the line items and any images that appear on invoices and service reports, and information to collect via custom forms.

    This system ensures all relevant data for each of your unique services is available, every time.

    If your technicians have different specialties, you can create and assign different skills to team members. When it’s time to schedule an appointment, your admins can easily find the perfect team member for the job. Even more, your office team can analyze customers and job histories, create and add new clients and jobs, edit events, and more, all without needing to call or text your technicians. Commusoft automatically notifies your remote team members when events are updated.

    It’s never been easier to balance your commercial and residential operations!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg! Book a call with our team today to learn more about what Commusoft can do for you!

  • Yes, we can; the Commusoft platform offers great service contract and asset maintenance solutions for multi-property owner customers.

    Our customer database software hosts information including multiple contacts and work addresses per account, and the ability to add tenants and their contact information. For example, Commusoft makes it easy to distinguish that Contact A is the property owner who handles invoices, and Contact B is the resident who will be home when your technicians arrive.

    Further, your team can create and assign unique service contracts for each work address you serve. Easily accessible from your customer database, and with service level agreement tracking tools, your team can work with confidence knowing they have everything they need to exceed customer expectations.

    Your technicians can record valuable asset information across various properties, including make/model, location on the property, service history,  and more. Further, assets can be assigned to specific service contracts. Nothing falls through the cracks!

  • Yes, you can; we understand that trades businesses each have different hiring needs. Whether you need to hire seasonal employees like pest control or snow removal vendors or subcontract various plumbers, electricians, and HVAC teams to cover your service area, Commusoft offers flexible licensing options.

    These license options include Daily, which is billed each month based on the number of days used. Rolling, which is a monthly license that can be purchased and removed as required. Finally, Contracted, which is a 12-month committed license used for full-time employees.

    Whether you need a subcontractor for one day or hire them as a permanent member of the team, Commusoft can handle it.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans!

  • Absolutely; the Commusoft platform ensures your team can expertly organize and manage any type of customer you work with, commercial or residential.

    Your admins and techs will always know whether they’re working with a property owner, building manager, or tenant, for example. Clear organization guarantees your team knows who they can reach out to regarding service contract renewals, outstanding payments, appointment updates, and more. After all, streamlined customer experiences benefit everyone involved!

  • Yes; Commusoft integrates with accounting software including Quickbooks Online and Desktop, Xero, FreeAgent, and Sage, and a variety of communication, business, and payment integrations too!

    Check out all our integrations!

  • We are fully devoted to customer training and care at Commusoft; if our clients aren’t successful, neither are we. To ensure you get the very most out of the Commusoft system, training is required when onboarding. We offer varying training packages based on the plan you choose. These are personalized, 1-1 sessions with an assigned Commusoft trainer.

    Support doesn’t end following your last session; our dedicated client services team is available via email support. We also maintain a dedicated Knowledge Base with help articles covering all corners of the Commusoft platform. We’re there when you need us.

    Learn more about training and onboarding with Commusoft!

  • Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft. Trial versions are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial!

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose!

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large service businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account. Please note, our product is not suitable for businesses with less than 4 members.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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