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The key to a successful home service business is trust. When customers can rely on your reputation, professionalism, and quality of service, they’ll keep returning to your business. Discover how Commusoft helps you earn that trust.

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Reimagine your customer journeys


Whether you call it a domestic service, residential service, or home service – your business is centered on technicians visiting your customers’ homes to conduct emergency work, planned services, and installations. Home service software helps you stay on track every step of the way, so you can offer an automated and personalized service that ultimately keeps clients satisfied and invites higher-value contracts your way.

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Customers book on the website

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The right technician is alerted

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The office and client track their route

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The customer is prepared

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Frictionless invoicing and payments

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Earn more loyal customers

Reimagine your customer journeys

It’s time for an update! Commusoft’s home service software eliminates the need for crumpled wads of paperwork. Businesses who use digital field service software earn higher revenues, have streamlined admin processes, and can fulfil their customer agreements effortlessly.

Manage service contract plans

Bring home bigger profits

Secure regular appointments

Automated service reminders and planned preventative maintenance schedules increase job bookings, and company boost cash-flow. 

Uncomplicated parts ordering

The team members you choose can order or request parts from anywhere, so you can make deliberate business purchases.

Get paid faster

Your entire team can quickly build and organize invoices in Commusoft. Empower your team to invoice customers directly from the field, from the office, or automatically.

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Accomplish more each day

Make space for important tasks

Free up your office team’s schedules! Commusoft’s organizational structure and automations take the weight off your office team, so they can focus on what matters.

Centralized customer records

Our home service software safely  stores customer contact details, job history, asset records, communication logs, and more, all in a single location.

Oversee your mobile workforce

Your entire team will be connected no matter what: Commusoft’s mobile app works without internet connection, syncing when connection returns.

customer database messaging

Provide an unmatched experience

Be prepared when customers call

When a customer calls up, you’ll know exactly the work completed, invoices paid, and communication history.

Improve customer retention

Wow customers with your savvy and well-equipped team. Residential software will prepare them for anything.  

Grow your business

Great customer service breeds loyalty, word of mouth, and helps you win more business.

Streamline daily operations

Empower your entire team


Office Manager

R&S Plumbing & Heating Ltd

We have used Commusoft for over 10 years now and it has changed the way we work. Job records for all our clients helps our technicians with technical history when they are on site; helps the office team manage estimating, invoicing and reporting; which ultimately benefits our clients.

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Give customers the service they want


  1. Win loyal customers


    It’s a no brainer: professional service reminders compel customers to choose your business, time and time again. Increase customer retention and satisfaction with automated home service reminders, booking portal links, and digital feedback requests.

    Service reminders portal
  2. Customers book on the website


    Create a convenient way to win more jobs and reduce admin time with a customer self-service tool. That’s where online booking and intelligent scheduling come together, empowering customers to book appointments for themselves and save everyone, not just your team, from excessive admin.

    online booking goes directly into calendar
  3. The right part when you need it


    The right home service software lets you manage stock in real-time, so you’ll never arrive at a job missing necessary parts again. Commusoft helps teams create clear histories for every asset, so you’ll know which parts are needed, where to get them, and ensure they get to the right people.

    inventory management storage location
  4. Frictionless invoicing and payments


    No one wants to tediously generate invoices, so why not let your software help? Our customizable tools help your team manage your invoicing processes with greater precision, keep your cash flowing through your business and encourage customers to pay accurately, on-time, every single time.

    Access your invoicing software from anywhere

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Home service software FAQs

  • Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft. Trial versions are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts.

  • This depends on which one of our plans you choose and how many team members you have. Learn more about Commusoft’s plans and pricing here.

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