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Manage your team with Commusoft's mobile work app


A reliable mobile work app is increasingly necessary in field service. Technicians already use their mobile devices in their daily lives, so why not for work too? Supervise your team with our mobile app for iOS and Android, wherever they are.

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Transform operations with our mobile work app

Accessible mobile order app

Our iOS and Android mobile app runs on iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles, and Android tablets.

Go paperless

The Commusoft mobile work app digitizes your business, keeping records safe, organized, and accessible from anywhere.

Offline functionality

View important data, create documents, and complete jobs without any signal. Data syncs as soon as your connection returns.

Customer database on-the-go

Give your mobile workforce access to your entire customer database. You can also update or add records from the road.

On-site invoicing

Commusoft’s mobile app can both request and accept payments directly from the job site, so you can get paid quicker.

Real-time data syncing

With Wi-Fi connection, data will instantly be shared between the field and the office, or will sync as soon as connection returns.



C.P. Jefferies Ltd

Now, with each technician having their own device, they can see which technicians previously attended the customer and works that have been carried out. With each of our technicians having their own individual calendars, our office staff are now able to manage their time much more efficiently.

Oversee your business from anywhere

Manage your workforce with a mobile work app made easy


Mobile work is the very foundation of field service. Help your team stay on task, and revolutionize your day-to-day with Commusoft’s array of mobile work app management tools. From our mobile app, timesheets, office tasks, and more, we make sure your team is supported wherever they may be.

  • Restructure company communications and make the most of your days
  • Managers can oversee their staff from their mobile app
  • Easily record important job and employee data from the road
Commusoft Mobile App on three devices

Take control of your days


Commusoft’s mobile app streamlines communications between your field and office staff. With automatic data synchronization, your team can get on with their days with less phone calls and check-ins. Everyone knows where the other is, and what they should be doing.

  • Commusoft’s mobile app puts technicians’ full schedules in their hands
  • Track time and job statuses without checking in with office
  • Send alerts for new jobs instead of making lengthy phonecalls
Commusoft mobile job notification

See how a field service mobile app can revitalize your operations!

Effectively manage your entire team

Don’t speculate employee activities


Track your employees’ time and activities with ease. Commusoft’s mobile app automatically logs time spent travelling and at job sites. This produces accurate timesheets, so you don’t have to manually generate reports.

  • Time is automatically tracked via our mobile app
  • Build custom timesheets with data on specific employees or periods of time
  • No more digging through paper files: data is easily found in the app
Mobile workforce management timesheets

Kickstart your team’s productivity


Get your office staff organized and in-sync with office tasks. Anyone can raise an office task for a member of the team, whether they’re in the office, on the road, or on site. This removes hours of paper-based admin and phone calls.

  • Your team has a lot to do. Help them organize their days
  • Technicians can request admin tasks directly from the field
  • Link office tasks to estimates or jobs to keep all relevant data in one place
Office tasks notifiy staff

Get the most from your field service mobile app

  • Digital custom forms

    We offer the ability to create custom forms, which you can create and customize. Whether you use job site or appliance safety forms, Technicians complete forms from the field with their mobile app.

    Deploy custom forms to mobile
  • Print and export timesheets

    Commusoft stores timesheet data indefinitely, so you can always access important records. You can also download timesheets as PDFs and print as needed.

    Use our timesheet management software to create printable PDFs
  • Set up personal tasks

    Staff can create and assign personal tasks, like invoicing a job, for example. The assigned user receives a notification and marks tasks "complete" when finished.

    office tasks notification
  • Invoice from the field

    Improve cash flow and help your office staff. Technicians can create and send invoices directly from the job site. With integrations like SumUp, technicians can immediately accept payments.

    Access your invoicing software from anywhere

Get the most from your field service mobile app

Field service mobile app FAQs

  • Unlike some of our competitors, Commusoft’s mobile workforce app works without Wi-Fi connection, which means your technicians can log important information from anywhere. Data will sync to the main Commusoft web application, and to the office staff once your connection returns.

    Our field service mobile app can do it all. It displays full technicians schedules, keeps technicians and the office in sync, and replaces the need for traditional paper invoices, safety certificates, and job reports. Your technicians can efficiently complete jobs, and your office team will always know where they are.

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose. To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page.

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