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See how the best HVAC job management software streamlines maintenance, repair, and installation workflows.

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Bring the heat and make competitors sweat

Commusoft’s all-in-one HVAC business software tracks customer histories, sends jobs straight to technicians' phones, and invoices customers on the same day. You can improve daily operations, increase company profitability, and satisfy customers.
HVAC software with invoicing feature

Build up profits

Accelerate your invoicing process

Quickly build and organize HVAC invoices in Commusoft. To get paid faster, you can invoice customers directly from the field, from the office, or automatically.

Optimal parts ordering

Commusoft makes HVAC parts management a breeze, so you can make deliberate business purchases.

Secure regular appointments

Increase job bookings, and boost cash-flow with automated service reminders and planned preventative maintenance schedules.

HVAC software calendar view

Optimize daily operations

Free up your office team’s schedules

Let your admins focus on more important tasks! Commusoft’s HVAC field service software and automations function as an extra team member, taking weight off your staff.

Centralized customer records

Store vital customer contact details, job histories, asset records, communication logs, and more, all in a single HVAC software system.

Oversee your mobile workforce

Commusoft’s HVAC mobile app offers many offline capabilities. Data syncs when internet connection returns. Your entire team will be in sync no matter what happens.

HVAC software customer database

Increase customer happiness

Be prepared when customers call 

When a customer calls, you’ll know exactly the work completed, past invoices paid, and have access to full communication history.

Improve customer retention

Wow customers with organized and helpful office staff, and technicians who are knowledgeable and prepared.

Grow your customer base 

Great customer service is everything. HVAC software can help you earn loyalty and win more business.

Award-winning software built for HVACR

Step into the 21st century with Commusoft’s HVAC software! Our paperless, cloud-based solution helps HVAC companies boost profits, manage daily workflows, and delight customers.

Guarantee every HVAC job goes to plan

  • Track a customer’s planned maintenance schedule and contract
  • Technicians arrive knowing the full asset and service history
  • Job sheets, safety certificates, and custom forms are completed on site
  • The office team raise a consolidated invoice for all recent HVAC jobs
  • Customers oversee all documents through their customer portal

Keep cool when customers need you

  • Customers book directly into your schedule from your website
  • A technician with the right HVAC skills is assigned and notified
  • The technician tracks and logs their work using their mobile app
  • An invoice is automatically raised and sent to customers
  • The customer easily pays online and leaves feedback on the service

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Ainsdale Gas Ltd

Commusoft is the best CRM for plumbing and heating technicians. I have used Commusoft for 8 years. Our customers are impressed with the detailed job reports, record keeping, invoices, service reminders and automated communications.

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HVAC software features


    Commusoft's HVAC field service dispatch software handles all aspects of your HVAC business. Schedule and move jobs, enable seamless communication between your admin team and technicians, track your mobile workforce, and more, with our HVAC workforce management tools.

    Commusoft mobile app with scheduling and calendar feature

    Easily meet all HVAC maintenance agreements with Commusoft. Your team can set planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules and benefit from automated PPM job creation, service task lists, and asset-by-asset service plans.

    HVAC management software with service contract management

    Don’t manually send service reminders; automate them! Repeat HVAC inspections and service reminders include an online booking link so your customers can set their appointments straightaway. Set personalized messaging and customize your reminders to recur at any time interval.

    HVAC software with service reminders portal

    Whether you install air conditioners, or maintain rooftop ventilation units, Commusoft’s HVAC asset management software can handle it. Our software enables you to track all of your customer's assets to monitor work history and linked jobs, add service contracts and PPM, plus install and update records from the site. Manage assets with customizable asset structures, sub-assets, and the ability to record any type of data against an asset.

    HVAC software with asset management system

    Oversee every part used by your HVAC business, whether they’re located in the stockroom, warehouse, or company trucks. This ensures you don't lose track of how many filters, cassettes, or AC units you have. Our HVAC stock control system provides improved oversight of your parts workflow from supplier to installation, saving time and money.

    HVAC management software with inventory stock system

HVAC software features

HVAC software FAQs

  • HVAC software is a digital solution that allows HVACR business to manage their operations online.

    Whether your business repairs heaters, maintains ventilation systems, installs air conditioners, services refrigeration units, or all of the above, Commusoft can handle it. Tracking your appointments, securely storing company data, and organizing your entire team has never been easier.

    Basic HVAC business software offer a customer database, job management, and basic reports. But our HVAC management software take it further; our clients can store information about property assets, manage their inventory, revamp customer communications, and so much more. With Commusoft, you can easily oversee your entire HVACR business, manage your office and remote teams, organize company finances, and more!

    The future of field service is digital; and Commusoft ‘s HVAC management software is here to make the transition from paper to digital seamless.

  • Figuring out how to best plan each technician’s day is a nightmare for many admins. That’s why Commusoft’s HVAC management software is powerful and flexible.

    Your customers can book online and the appointment will go straight into your technicians’ calendars, saving your office staff countless hours of time. Prefer the phone? Easily keep track of calls, records, and easily add new jobs on-the-fly with Commusoft!

    Want to take scheduling even further? Use our intelligent scheduling software to pick the best technician and time for any given appointment. Don’t worry, you can always manually schedule and arrange appointments too – you’re in charge.

  • Absolutely! Whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing HVAC businesses.

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large HVACR service businesses with a minimum of 2 contracted licenses per account. Learn more about Commusoft’s different plans.

  • A digital HVAC management system helps HVACR businesses business grow by freeing up resources to save time and money on processes such as job scheduling and invoicing.

    Commusoft’s flexibility and automation sets us apart – we’ll help you provide the best and most consistent customer experience possible. This can increase referrals and return business. Further, with Commusoft constantly working in the background, your team can pay attention to larger tasks and make confident, data-backed business decisions.

  • Asset management is a significant part of HVACR daily workflows. With Commusoft’s HVAC service management software, you can create and attach detailed records of assets to jobs and properties.

    Further, your team can store the history of any work that’s been done on the asset, and you can store notes such as the location of the asset so it’s easy to find once on site. Nothing falls through the cracks.

    Learn more about how Commusoft can help your team manage assets!

  • Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft. Trial versions are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts.

    Book a demo with one of our experts to learn more!

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