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Commusoft's all-in-one platform empowers generator installers to build captivating proposals and expertly organize all aspects of daily operations. So they can boost company profits and exceed customer expectations!

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Stand Apart From Competitors

Being the best means you need to offer the best service! Commusoft empowers electrical generator installation teams to maximize the ways customers are cared for. With powerful self-service options, custom records and documents, and personalized client communications, your team can easily maintain contracts and consistently win more customers too.
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Generate More Customers

Create Custom Pipelines

Whether you install residential back-up generators or maintain commercial dynamos, you need a sales platform that makes it easy for your sales team to organize each unique opportunity. When nothing falls through the cracks, your salespeople can focus on winning deals – not searching for lost files.

Design Beautiful Proposals

Stand apart from competitors with unrivaled digital proposals! This professional solution lets your sales team include personalized site photos, videos, and various pricing options. Providing prospective customers with the best solutions makes it easier to scale business growth and profits.

Upsell Customers

If you’re quoting for a back-up generator, why not offer routine inspection and maintenance options too? Offering variety is a great way to provide the customer with what they need, better your chances of winning their business, and boosting your revenue at the same time.

HVAC management software with mobile schedule

Accomplish More Each Day

Build Custom Workflows

Commusoft gives admins the freedom to handle a variety of tasks each day. Our generator installer software and automations function as an extra team member, taking weight off your staff. With less pressure, they can focus on higher-value tasks and improve customer care.

Manage Any Service Type

From mandatory planned maintenance appointments, to last-minute emergency call-outs, a flexible way to handle any situation is essential. Customizing each of your service types, like commercial generator inspections, guarantees admins can quickly assign the best fit for the job.

Strengthen Office and Field Teamwork

Coordinating admins and remote electricians is not easy. That’s why Commusoft’s website and mobile apps sync in real-time, or as soon as an internet connection returns. Automated updates reduce the need to place a call, meaning your teams can focus on what matters to them most.

View all properties on the customer portal

Enhance Customer Experiences

Provide Live Technician ETAs

Want to prioritize customer support? As soon as your electrician begins to travel to the job site, your customers will automatically be notified with an on-the-way message and tracking portal link. Customers will know exactly who to expect and when.

Empower Commercial Customers

Office and building managers, condominium associations, or any commercial organization you work with can access a personalized log-in portal. Any time of day, they can view live job updates, attached files, invoices, and more, for all their properties without contacting your team.

Receive Payments Any Time of Day

Stop sending invoices after each job; give commercial clients a tailor-made statement portal. When it’s convenient for them, customers can pay consolidated invoices. After all, unmatched customer experiences will win you more contracts and repeat business.

Software Built for Generator Installers

Delivering the best generators and services to customers necessitates the best customer management, proposal building, and service dispatch tools. After all, providing superior customer experiences makes it easier to scale company growth. That's why Commusoft's generator installer software offers unrivaled sales and job management platforms; so your electrical business can effortlessly handle any situation.

Testimonials for Commusoft

  • "Commusoft has directly helped us take on more business and manage everything efficiently. We've seen so much growth!"

    Ness Aguilar
    Merit Facility Management

Electrical Generator Installer Software Features


    Whether you work for residential or commercial customers, or both, offering various generators and maintenance options will increase your chances of winning new customers. Commusoft's Sales platform ensures your team can create templates for each appliance you install. When it's time to build the proposal, your team can personalize them with custom options, pricing, site photos and notes, and more. Further with full financial breakdowns of parts and labor, you'll understand which services are the most profitable.

    Sales proposal portal

    Your admins need the best tools to effectively schedule your generator installers. Whether appointments get cancelled, or your team needs to incorporate a last-minute emergency call-out, remaining unfazed is essential. Commusoft's electrical software enables admins to seamlessly book and move appointments, stay in sync with techs, track your mobile workforce, and more. Ultimately, streamlined dispatching workflows impacts employee and customer happiness, and your revenue. With less stress, your admins and plumbers can efficiently handle work orders, giving you the capacity to take on more appointments!

    HVAC software calendar view

    Contracted work is foundational for commercial generator upkeep. Commusoft makes it easy for your team to exceed agreements. Further, personalizing maintenance schedules and contracts is a great way to prove you care! Your electrical team can set planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules and benefit from automated PPM job creation, service task lists, and asset-by-asset service plans. When meeting service level agreements is effortless, you can take full control of your generator installation and maintenance business's growth.

    HVAC management software with service contract management

    Handling a wide variety of service types means handling a wide variety of parts. Whether you install Generac, Kohler, or Caterpillar generators, Commusoft’s inventory management platform streamlines parts ordering and stock for both your office and technicians. With real-time inventory and automatic reordering for regularly-used parts, you can stay on top of, and avoid, missing items or excessive stockpiling. Further, an organized system ensures your team can have access to the parts they need, when they need them.

    HVAC management software with inventory stock system

Electrical Generator Installer Software Features

Electrical Generator Installer FAQs

  • Electrical generator installer software is a digital platform that allows electricians to expertly manage all aspects of backup generator installation, maintenance, and repairs. This solution organizes contact and property information, inventoryservice dispatch, and more, all in one software. Think of this tool as a member of your team who works 24/7.

    Commusoft’s Sales and Job Management platforms can do this, and more. From initial inquiry to final invoice, our solution ensures your team is always in control. Whether you want to organize office operations, take on more jobs per week, improve your customer experiences, boost revenue, or more, we’re here to help!

    Our system impacts both your office and field teams. Whether using our desktop or mobile app, Commusoft ensures team members are connected throughout their work days, so they can focus on their tasks without essential information falling through the cracks.

    Ready to transform all aspects of daily operations? Book a call with our experts today!

  • Absolutely; whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing generator installation and maintenance businesses.

    Our electrical service work order software and suite of tools support both small and large electrician businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans!

  • Yes we do; Commusoft’s mobile app was built so electricians can accomplish more the field, while streamlining communication with the office. Further, our mobile app offers a variety of offline capabilities, so your field team can be productive without Wi-Fi connection.

    When connection returns, all data will sync to the main Commusoft web application, and to the office staff once your connection returns.

    From having access to customer and appliance histories, accessing your parts database parts, creating invoices, and so much more, Commusoft’s powerful mobile work app empowers electrical contractors with the data they need most.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s mobile app, and discover how you can empower your team from the road!

  • Yes, free trial versions of our platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

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