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How to Map the Automated Field Service Customer Journey

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As we move forward through an increasingly digitized world, more and more businesses have become aware that face-to-face interactions are still needed to bridge the gap between giving customers a remarkable experience over an average one. This being said, field service companies are in a uniquely advantageous position of being able to interact with their customers both on and offline, with the latter taking place in their home or business premises. If that’s not a sign of customer trust, then what is? But, as we all know, this kind of privilege comes with its own responsibilities and making a great impression every time is essential.

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Do You Need Custom or Off-the-Shelf Software?

If you’re considering software for your field service business, you may be comparing off-the-shelf software vs custom software. There's certainly a lot to think about. At the forefront, you want a piece of software that is best suited for your business, however, there are many factors you will need to consider before making your decision. Let's compare and contrast your options and the pros and cons of each!

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A Customer Journey Guide Built for Trades Businesses

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You’ve been hearing a lot about customer journeys lately and how it’s “A Big Deal”, right? Except, most of the guides out there focus on online stores or hotels and have little relevance for your plumbing business or your HVAC company. This is why we decided to write an ultimate guide, designed specifically for field service companies and talk about a customer journey that’s relevant to you: whether you have an electrical contracting gig or fire and security technicians, this is for you! Read on to discover how to create a paperless customer journey for your field service business.

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How to Increase Productivity with Field Service Management Software

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Bad news. Your field service business is not doing as well as you thought. You’re spending more money than you’re earning and there doesn’t seem to be any good reason for your expenses. The answer? You might need to increase productivity in your field service business.

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Complete Guide For Starting Your Field Service Content Management Strategy

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Field service marketing has come a long way since the days of fliers and Yellow Pages. Today it’s all about your ranking and Google rating, your reviews and online brand. But building these is a lot more difficult than putting up a newspaper ad. And yet, the benefits are undeniable. Making it onto the first page of a Google search for service in your area increases the odds that you’ll be the default choice for many customers, both residential and commercial. A field service content management strategy is what will get you there.

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6 Automation Benefits of HVAC Service Software

HVAC is well-known for being at the forefront of tech innovations in the field service industry. With the rise of smart technologies, more and more jobs require HVAC companies to be familiar with innovations and prove that they can keep up with the times. Not only that but these days, commercial and domestic customers alike have certain expectations and the only way to fulfill them is with the help of a great HVAC service software. Now, we get it if you’re already thinking ‘Not this Internet of Stuff thing again!’ but hear us out! Automation is not a Silicon Valley gimmick anymore and we won’t be talking about sci-fi devices that have little chance of impacting your HVAC company in any meaningful way. Rather, we’ll be counting down the benefits of truly automated HVAC service software that can actually help you become more productive, offer your employees a better work-life, and boost your profits.

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Best Practices for Field Service Business Automation

You’ve decided to start your field service business automation process. Great decision! Automation is the future for field service companies, whether they’re fire and security, plumbing, HVAC, electrical contracting or any other. But what is your first step? Should you start with field service asset management? This would help with your service level agreement compliance rate and your maintenance contracts would also benefit from it. However, automating asset management is already quite an advanced task to undertake. The truth is that it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why we created a guide with business automation best practices to help you with directions.

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Creating and Improving Your Field Service Customer Experience

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Field service customer experience is a trend that's here to stay, alongside the ubiquitous Internet of Things. According to a Walker report, customer experience will overtake price and product as the no. 1 key decision factor by 2020. This, in turn, spells good news for the field service industry, as the decision making process will move away from being a fight to the bottom for the lowest price but at the same time it will be a challenge for companies who didn’t keep up with changes in consumer preferences.

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How to Get More Good Positive Reviews for Your Business

People put a lot of thought into who they let into their house when it comes to installations or repairs. After all, it's their home. But how can they recognize your business as trustworthy? This is where positive reviews come in. Just imagine yourself in their situation. You would want to know everything about the company who will be working for you, right? Especially other people’s experiences with it. So you do what every person does these days: you Google them.

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