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Coordinate Your Service Contract Management System

Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are easy to lose track of. But staying on top of contractual obligations is key for long-lasting customer relationships! The best service contract management software offers tools including billable rates, pricing items, PPM schedules, and annual renewals. So you can always provide the best solutions.

Planned maintenance schedule

Your Personalized Service Contract Management Toolkit

Tailor SLAs to Your Needs

Use SLAs outside of contracts and include additional criteria. Personalize notifications and customize the time to breach for each.

Integrate SLAs Into Service Contracts

Whenever you assign contracts to customers, the attached SLA will automatically be included.

PPM Schedules

Create PPM schedules for customers who expect time-based service. Plan maintenance agreements week-by-week and stay ahead.

Manage Various Contracts

Set and customize yearly service plans and annual contracts. Generate more revenue and attract different kinds of customers.


Managing Director

Premier Heating Solutions

SLAs are really important for our business; they help us track the service we offer. If the SLA isn’t met, I will get a notification, or my manager will get a notification, and we can look at why that happened, and be on top of the situation before it escalates.

Avoid Costly SLA Breaches

Guarantee Your Staff Stays Informed


Overseeing all customer agreements is essential for nurturing long-lasting relationships. Your team can track SLAs with ease and promptly respond to breaches. Swift reactions will improve your SLA attainment rate and boost company revenue.

  • Staff are alerted if an SLA will soon breach
  • All SLAs are color-coded and feature a live countdown clock
  • Provide transparency and accountability for staff
Service level agreements

Build Contracts That Fit Your Needs


We’ve simplified service contract management. Build detailed contracts that suit your business with us. You decide which metrics are measured by each contract. For different contract terms, you can edit on a customer-by-customer basis. This way, everyone is happy.

  • Admin doesn't need to manually consider agreed upon terms for each customer
  • Add pricing items, parts, and fair usage terms to contracts
  • Set labour and travel rates, and segment job descriptions
Service contract setup

Boost Bookings and Profits With Service Contracts!

Increase Trust in Your Company

Keep an Eye on All SLAs


SLA breaches hurt customer relationships and impact company revenue. Routine SLA monitoring improves your attainment rate. Our tracking toolkit helps your staff comply with all SLAs, helping company profits.

  • Give staff a better chance to complete tasks before penalty fee
  • Measure SLAs with 4 different preset metrics
  • Our color-coded SLA counters keep staff organized and aware
Setup and customize SLA breach

Share Your Achievements


Customers want to work with companies who have high SLA attainment rates. Track your company’s SLA successes, or pinpoint where to improve. We make it easy to share reports with prospects, increasing your company’s chance of winning more business.

  • Stay aware of and manage important SLA metrics
  • Record high SLA attainment rates and share them
  • Delight prospects and win even more service contracts
SLA reporting widget

Make Service Contract Management a Piece of Cake

  • Automatically Renew Contracts

    To make things easy, you can set a customer’s annual contract to renew each year, raise the corresponding invoice, and automatically email it to the customer.

    Service reminders email
  • SLA Metrics

    Our SLA software tracks initial job creation to first scheduled event, job creation to technician actual arrival time, job creation to job completion, and actual complete date/time vs job required complete date/time.

    Service level agreement metrics
  • Tailored Service Contracts

    Customers appreciate one-of-a-kind service agreements. Tailor your contracts with metrics like discounts and pricing plans to match your customers' unique needs.

    Manage service contract plans
  • Improved Customer Experience

    Take the weight off customers to request appointments from their contracts. These jobs, and other services like inspections, are automatically scheduled.

    customer satisfaction coming from after-sales care portal data

Make Service Contract Management a Piece of Cake

Service Contract Management Software FAQs

  • Service contract management software helps users generate, manage, and carry out agreements with customers.

    Commusoft does all this, and paired with our SLA management tools, your team will stay on top of all aspects of contract and PPM schedule management.

    We’ll help you boost customer happiness and pad your profits! Your team can set automatic contract renewals, swiftly react when SLAs are about to breach, create reports, and much more.

    Ready to see Service Contract Management in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Our service contract management software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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