Build custom forms that do exactly what you need

With Commusoft, you can build and create digital custom forms that are perfect for every situation. Pulling from a vast amount of different question and answer formats, you can design a form, deploy it to technicians, and export it as a PDF for customers. As your business evolves, so can your forms.

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Custom forms software


Customers and technicians can easily understand what’s being asked of them as forms are quick to complete. You can adjust forms so they only ask necessary questions and don’t waste anyone's time.


When a form is easy to understand and complete, you gather accurate information. With crucial job details, you can't afford errors due to a misunderstanding or incorrect entry.


For whatever situation you find yourself, you can create a form. From safety screens to assessments, or anything in between, you can pull from a wide variety of question and answer formats to create a cohesive digital form.

Key functionalities

  • Forms built by you, for you
  • Deploy to mobile app
  • Pull from 19 question types
  • Utilize form logic and conditions
  • Convert into custom PDFs
  • Collect digital signatures
custom forms

Forms are reactive to your specific business needs

We understand that each business likes to do things a little differently. That’s why we give you the freedom to create as many custom forms as you want. Whether it’s a safety form, a form for a specific type of job, a checklist, an assessment, or whatever else, we give you all the tools you need to design what you’re looking for. The document will then be accessible on mobile for technicians to use on site.

custom forms - form builder

Choose from many different question types

These forms are yours and can be as simple or complex as necessary. We provide different options for question structure, including yes/no questions, text answer fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and even file and photo attachments. All these options allow you to create a custom form for a specific customer, for a particular type of job or service, or even for internal management, for example. It’s entirely up to you. You can even make preset templates so you’re not typing the same information over and over again!

custom forms dependencies

Use dependencies to further customize the form

Sometimes your custom forms will need follow-up questions and other times they won’t. With dependencies, you can set certain questions to only show based on specific conditions. For example, on a safety assessment, if the technician indicates that they cannot wash their hands, you could set a follow-up question to ask if they instead have hand sanitizer. If the answer is still no, a text field can show informing the technician of what to do instead. With conditional logic, you can create forms that work exactly as you need them to.

custom forms mobile

Offer a user-friendly experience for employees

Enhance employee productivity with our simple-to-use digital forms. You can design your form page by page and can even set up sections within those pages to keep things organized. Here are just a few capabilities your technicians will love:

  • Dropdown fields for quick data entry
  • Autocompletes customer data
  • Eliminates unnecessary questions
  • No need to carry around paper forms

Want to increase productivity for your business?

custom forms save to cloud

Never lose track of custom paperwork

Paper notes and lists can easily become unorganized, or even worse, lost. Paperless job management software safely stores forms and all your other vital data in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. By providing a convenient digital form, techs can easily complete it from their mobile device as they go about their work. Once finished, have it immediately signed-off by the customer or the technician and the form will be saved for your records and ready to share.

custom forms PDF

Instantly send branded forms to customers

As soon as a form is complete, the technician can instantly email a PDF version to the customer, so they don’t have to wait around. The customer’s name, relevant addresses, and any captured signatures will be automatically added to the form along with the technician’s answers. You have the freedom to design the form to look however you see fit.

custom forms word add-in

Design your PDF form with Microsoft Word

We integrate with Microsoft Word so you can easily convert your forms into PDFs that look just the way you want. Simply download our Microsoft Word add-in to sync your form data from Commusoft. You can then drag and drop to quickly map the answer fields into your document. Generating a PDF that perfectly meets your vision has never been easier.

custom forms list

Save forms against jobs

Thanks to Commusoft’s comprehensive customer database and work order management features, all actions and documents are stored in the system against the appropriate customer and job. Your completed forms will be available in the work history, so your office staff will always be fully informed when it comes to booking in new jobs and discussing previous work with customers. With just a few clicks you can download, print, or email forms to whoever needs them.

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