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How much money can a company save by going paperless?

Paperwork is both a huge time burden and financial cost for field service businesses. The paperless savings calculator below shows you how much time and money you currently waste on paper, plus the potential revenue you could gain by going paperless.

In the Field


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Hour(s) per technician, per week

Hour(s) per technician, per week

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In the Office

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Average costs per month

Enter your information to find out how much you spend on paperwork and what you stand to gain from going paperless.


Your monthly spend on paper is:

  • Field hours on paperwork
  • Office hours on paperwork
  • Of costs associated with paperwork

    By Eliminating Paper

  • In estimated extra job revenue*
  • Office hours to spend:
    • Chasing debts
    • Improving customer service
    • Finance reporting
    • And many other tasks
  • Annual Total

  • Extra staff hours every year
  • Estimated extra annual revenue

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*Based on your average hourly call out charge

The results of the paperless savings calculator above show how much time your company could save and the additional money that could be earned by going paperless. The next question is how do you actually achieve that? In order to go paperless, field service businesses need to adopt job management software that will stop paperwork in its tracks. By taking your processes digital, you can cut out the need to pick up and drop off paperwork, type up handwritten notes, and spend hours on the phone each day with technicians.

More Paperless Savings


Reduce Fuel Costs

Technicians driving to pick up and drop off papers, invoices, and forms wastes gas. Digital paperwork is accessible without the added fuel costs.
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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Going paperless isn't just about the time you can save. Digital paperwork reduces repetitive and dull tasks such as data input too... employees will thank you!

Save On Postage Costs

Taking paperwork digital means it's easy to communicate with customers via email. Attaching documents to emails costs a lot less than postage!

A Paperless Solution

Find out how software can help you eliminate paper, grow your revenue, and transform your business.

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Want to Learn More About Going Paperless?

Moving away from paper can seem like a big task, which is why we put together the ultimate guide on offering a paperless customer journey. After all, it’s not just your team that struggle with paper! By going paperless you can also offer your customers a more professional and streamlined experience. Check out the complete guide to learn more.

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