Payment solutions Webinar

Get Paid Faster: Harness the Power of the Commusoft x GoCardless Integration

Transform customer payment experiences while reducing credit card fees! Discover how your trade businesses can fully control ACH payments and set custom recurring billing schedules with Commusoft and GoCardless.

Join us Thu May 30th 2024 at 10:30am!

GoCardless x Commusoft

In this can't-miss webinar we'll cover:

  • Offering recurring billing with service contracts
  • Taking digital payments with GoCardless
  • A live demo of Commusoft and GoCardless

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ACH and QR code mobile payment

Offer Different Payment Solutions

Take Digital Deposits

Allow customers to make online payments as soon as a proposal is accepted.

Set Up Recurring Billing

Create automated payment schedules for each service contract and guarantee repeat payments.

Collect Payments Onsite Via QR Codes

Technicians can collect secure payments on-site once the job is completed.

Facilitate Multi-Invoice Payments

Let landlords and managing agents pay outstanding balances through a unique payment portal.

Reduce High Fees

Decrease credit card fees by offering ACH payments.

Set Credit Card Limits

Choose when to disable credit card payments and enable only instant banking instead.

Automate Monthly Customer Payments


Easily set up recurring billing payments for commercial and residential service agreements. Choose how often and how much you want to get paid in Commusoft with ACH payments through GoCardless.

  • Charge customers monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually
  • Accept one-time contract payments
  • Easily track customer payments and reduce debt-chasing
Generate recurring revenue from your service contracts

Take Digital Payments On-Site


Technicians can collect payments from the job site simply by tapping to add a payment when the job is completed. Once the QR code appears, customers can scan it with their mobile device and pay via a secure self-service portal. With ACH via GoCardless, you’ll receive an instant payment confirmation, allowing technicians to move on to their next job.

  • Settle invoices as soon as the job is complete
  • Offer a professional payment experience
  • Set custom monetary limits for credit card payments
Payment mobile QR code

See the US's best work order software and payment solution in action!

Get Multiple Outstanding Invoices Paid At Once


Your team can email landlords and property managers a link with a list of outstanding invoices. Here, they can select multiple invoices within the Commusoft payment portal and pay via bank transfer through the GoCardless integration.

  • Provide a convenient solution for multi-property owners
  • Accept secure payments through the Commusoft payment portal
  • Avoid expensive fees by customizing credit card limits
landlord invoice portal

Secure Funds Before Starting the Job


Commusoft’s self-service portal empowers customers to conveniently make deposit payments via the GoCardless integration without your team lifting a finger. With the necessary deposits secured, you can confidently move ahead with purchasing materials and booking an appointment.

  • Recognize if customers get stuck at the payment stage
  • Take deposit payments upon proposal acceptance
  • Get flat-rate services paid upfront as soon as they book the job
self-deposit payment