Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large enterprise, Commusoft offers the perfect solution. All of our plans are priced per license per month on a 12-month contract.



For teams looking to manage all business processes in one digital place


Per license, min. 2 licenses

+ Training & Onboarding Plan

  • Included Effortlessly schedule and manage technicians’ jobs from the office or road
  • Included Streamline communication using customer alerts and online portals
  • Included Track parts and vehicles in real time to better plan work
  • Included Create quotes and more on site with our powerful mobile app
  • Included Design and build custom forms for any purpose
  • Included Manage invoices, payments, and integrate accounting software
Customer Journey

Customer Journey

For larger businesses that want to elevate their customer journeys


Per license, min. 2 licenses

+ Training & Onboarding Plan

  • Included Every feature included in Commusoft's All-in-One plan
  • Included Enable customers to easily book their service appointments online
  • Included Empower your scheduling team to book more jobs with route optimization
  • Included Track the flow of inventory in your business with a multi-location system
  • Included Handle contract work with advanced tools and SLA monitoring
  • Included Configure custom asset structures to best suit your needs
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Field Automation

Field Automation

For organizations seeking full automation and enhanced security


Per license, 75+ employees

+ Training & Onboarding Plan

  • Included All features from Commusoft's Customer Journey plan
  • Included Automate everyday processes to further streamline operations
  • Included Book hundreds of jobs at once with mass scheduling
  • Included Utilize our workflow engine to build custom automations
  • Included Safeguard data with customizable user security roles
  • Included Keep your team accountable with full system audits


For large companies that need a custom solution

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  • All features from our other plans
  • Integrate your core business systems with our powerful APIs
  • Benefit from a dedicated account manager
  • Receive our custom SLA

Keep Things Flexible with Our License Types


Contracted licenses are committed to for a 12-month period. All sign ups require a minimum of 2 contracted licenses.


Rolling monthly licenses can be purchased and removed as required, making them ideal for temporary or seasonal workers.


Daily licenses are perfect for subcontractors as they are billed each month based on the number of days used.

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  • < The ideal choice for businesses looking to manage all processes with one system
  • < A user-friendly experience, whether you currently use software or not
  • < Digitizes all aspects of your work, so you can focus on growing your business
Customer Journey

Customer Journey

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  • < Perfect for companies that wish to scale their business and grow customer loyalty
  • < Introduces complex tools that optimize your existing processes even more
  • < Drives efficiency within your team, so you can better serve your customers
Field Automation

Field Automation

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  • < Designed for large businesses looking to further streamline their operations
  • < Doubles down on complex automations that significantly minimize admin costs
  • < Provides auditability and total control over both system and user security

Trusted and Reliable

Training and Support

● A dedicated team to help you at every step
● Onboarding and training sets you up for success
● Continued support from our friendly service reps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract length?

All of our plans are based on 12-month contracts, which are billed monthly.

Can we mix and match plans?

No; our plans are carefully designed to offer value to different sized businesses and cannot be changed.

Do you have a minimum number of licenses?

Yes, we require a minimum of two contracted licenses per plan.

Can I have licenses on different plans?

You aren’t able to have licenses across various plans. Your account will be on your chosen plan and all licenses costs are listed above.

Which employees need a license?

All office staff, managers, and technicians use the software and therefore require a license. These people will have their own login details and will appear in the calendar for you to schedule in work orders or appointments for them. There is no limit on the number of users the software can support.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer different seasonal discounts throughout the year.

How do I pay and when will I be billed?

All accounts are set up with a debit or credit card and are billed monthly on the 1st of each month. All prices shown exclude taxes.

How is the training carried out?

Training is completed using TeamViewer and over the phone. All sessions are hourly and the number received depends on the pricing plan.

Why do you charge for training?

We have a commitment to you, to ensure you are trained on the system that will be the backbone of your business. During your training with us, you will be guided on your integrations and get comfortable with the workflow—from adding customers through to invoicing. You can also practice certain tasks with your dedicated trainer.

How does the storage work?

Storage is calculated based on the number of contracted and rolling licenses you have. Depending on the plan, you get a set amount per license that is added together to create a “pool” of data. Daily licenses don’t include any storage. The storage is used for any attachments (photos, videos, PDFs) that are uploaded into your account. We don’t limit the number of customers, jobs, invoices, you can save.

Can I upgrade?

Yes. If you choose to upgrade to a different plan, you will sign a new 12-month contract for that plan. If you are within your original 12-month contract, then upgrade training is required to cover the additional features.

Can I import my data into Commusoft?

You can import every one of your customers and their work addresses into Commusoft. You can also import parts and inventory lists. All you need is the data in an Excel/CSV file and with the correct columns, which our client services team can assist you with.

Can you take payment over the phone?

With our Stripe and SumUp integrations, your customers can call your office and card details can be taken and inputted straight into Commusoft.

Which countries do you support?

Commusoft currently supports companies working out of the US, UK, CA, and UAE.