Maximize Team Schedules and Dispatch With Ease

Technician work schedules are the core of your service business and your service dispatchers are the frontline defense against inefficiencies. After all, inefficient calendars can negatively impact your team, customers, and profits. Discover how streamlined scheduling can be when you arm your dispatchers with customized workflows, automated tools, and powerful team tracking.

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Take Full Control of Team Schedules


Your business depends on you to get technicians where they need to be and react to customer needs quickly. With the best calendar management tools, your service teams can get the most from each day. See how Commusoft can help you expertly arrange appointments without breaking a sweat!


Confidently send the right technician to the right job every time.

"The scheduling system is second to none. From booking, attending, and completing a job report, there's no other software that ticks all the boxes for us!"


Anthony Creswick

Frontier Plumbing and Heating


Leverage team capacity, company revenue, and customer happiness.

"Commusoft is at the core of our business - the schedule is at the heart of every job, every day."


Tracy Fieldsend

CentraHeat Heating and Plumbing


Accurately book jobs and incorporate last-minute edits when the pressure is on.

"I love the live schedule! It's so easy to add a new technician and drop work into the calendar in real-time. Our expansion couldn't have gone ahead without it."


Lincoln Smith

Custom Heat

Benefits For Service Dispatchers

Customize and Standardize Scheduling Workflows


Combining smart automation with scheduling customizations, like skills and shift patterns, guarantees you can book jobs more efficiently. Further, the dynamic drag-and-drop calendar offers a variety of views and filters so you have visibility to oversee each technician and subcontractor schedule. You're in full control.

  • Book jobs quicker with suggested appointments slots
  • Be prepared for any situation with bespoke scheduling workflows
  • Ensure the best team member is booked for the job, every time
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Get The Most From Each Day


You play a pivotal role in keeping the business running smoothly. After all, optimized schedules make it easier to complete more work every shift. Commusoft's scheduling system was built with service dispatchers in mind. Our job creation, scheduling, and dispatching tools ensure you and the field crew you oversee maximize each workday.

  • Remain connected to the field throughout the day
  • Schedule jobs quicker and more efficiently, to increase output
  • Organize calendars and boost daily technician performance
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Take Control When Circumstances Change


Appointments and customer needs can change in an instant. That's the nature of scheduling in the trades! When planned services get cancelled, or there's a last-minute emergency job, you can react swiftly through the Commusoft platform. Customers and technicians will always receive the updates they need, when they need them.

  • Oversee, schedule, and edit appointments with confidence
  • Fast-track job booking and update customers in real time
  • Ensure field crews stay in-the-loop with automated updates
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Pivot at a Moment's Notice


Aron Francis

Business Manager

Heavenly Cool Appliance Repair

Our technicians can run eight to 10 calls daily to maximize efficiency if the scheduled locations are close enough. And now, if a customer cancels, we can easily add a new repair to the technician schedule.”

Ready to Level up Your Business?

Top Commusoft Features for Service Dispatchers

  • Expertly Oversee Appointments

    With complete job overviews and team schedules, you can quickly gather an accurate real-time view of your business and jump to action when it's time to add or edit jobs.

    service scheduling software customization
  • Build custom service calendars

    A dedicated PPM scheduling platform helps service dispatchers ensure all contracted services are scheduled, your busy and slow seasons are leveled out, and revenue targets are met.

    Planned maintenance schedule
  • See the Big Picture

    Whatever challenges the work day brings, having customer details on hand ensures you can confidently make the best scheduling decisions for your team.

    Customer database software
  • Keep an Eye on Your Crews

    Vehicle trackers ensure you'll always know where your technicians are, making it easier to pivot when circumstances change.

    Real time vehicle tracking and scheduling
  • Optimize Your Schedules

    Whether there are last-minute emergency call-outs or cancellations, you can seamlessly add new bookings with suggested appointments.

    Pool service scheduling software
  • Keep Customers in the Loop

    Automated customer reminder messages ensure dispatchers have one less thing to worry about. Customers will always be up-to-date on their upcoming appointment.

    alerts and notifications

Top Commusoft Features for Service Dispatchers

Service Dispatcher FAQs

  • Service Dispatchers use Commusoft to build and take full control of their scheduling workflows. Dispatching teams of field technicians is impossible without the right support. That’s why Commusoft’s purpose-built platform comes with a variety of timesaving tools to make dispatching a breeze.

    Customizing and standardizing skills and shift patterns, for example, streamlines job dispatch. Schedulers can narrow down which team member is best for the task at hand and schedule with confidence. If you want to take scheduling to the next level, our smart scheduling system suggests appointments organized by the most efficient route.

    Further, our unique licensing options make it easy to work with and oversee subcontractors. Learn more about our daily, monthly, and contracted licenses!

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans

  • Yes, free trial versions of our platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

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