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Convert Prospects Into Customers Any Time of Day

The harder it is for prospects to review and accept your proposal, the less likely they are to move forward with your business. Say goodbye to PDF and paper documents with Commusoft, and remove the need to manually handle acceptance, customer choices, and payments over the phone or email. With a 24/7 proposal portal, prospects are empowered with everything they need, elevating customer satisfaction and boosting your win rate.

Commusoft's proposal portal
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Streamline Sales with Commusoft’s Proposal Portal

24/7 Self-Service

A digital portal gives customers the flexibility to review, choose, and pay for services when it's convenient for them.

Transparent Choices

Prospects can choose the options, add-ons, and upgrades that best suit their needs, without confusion.

Payments & Financing

Allow customers to pay deposits and choose financing, without calling your office and sales teams.

Universally Accessible

Our proposal portal works on any web or mobile browser and can be shared with prospects via email or text message.

Simple Navigation

The proposal portal guides prospects step by step making it simple for them to accept your offering.

Real-Time Insights

Know when prospects have opened the portal, if and where they dropped off, plus receive instant notifications once actioned.

Make it Easy to Choose Your Team

Offer a Better Customer Journey with Minimal Effort


To make it simple for your team, portal content is instantly generated from the proposal without any additional configuration required. With a click of a button, salespeople can send a templated email or text message to the prospect including the self-service portal link. Custom styling and color options ensure the portal matches your branding and gives a sleek and professional experience to prospects every time.

  • Guarantee that any options match your proposal
  • Universally available on any web or mobile device
  • An intuitive interface makes it simple for prospects to follow
Commusoft's proposal portal is automatically generated from your proposal

Help Prospects Make Any Choices Quickly


With multi-option proposals, it’s simple for prospects to select exactly what they wish to purchase. You can cleanly present your options and prices alongside a short sales description, while moving prospects toward your most profitable offerings. In addition, Commusoft empowers you to pitch optional add-ons or complementary services that can drastically increase your ticket price.

  • Simplify your proposal into clear choices
  • Display transparent prices to prospects
  • Make more money with add-ons
Proposal portal conveniently offering customers multiple choices

Raise Revenue & Cash Flow

Maximize Revenue From Each Opportunity


Beyond options and add-ons, Commusoft enables your sales team to effortlessly upsell alternate parts to increase your revenue further. For prospects that like to have the best of the best, ‘upgrading’ their installation with superior parts or components can be hard to resist. Incrementally adding costs in bitesize chunks can be easier for prospects to swallow and may encourage them to spend more than they otherwise would have.

  • Pitch the benefits directly in the portal
  • Satisfy customers with higher-quality parts
  • Boost the value of each sale
Proposal portal presenting upsell options to customers

Secure Funds Before Starting the Work


Transparent payment options help you secure any necessary deposits and confidently move ahead with the job. Commusoft’s self-service portal empowers prospects to conveniently make credit card payments via the Stripe integration, without your team lifting a finger. If you wish to offer financing to help customers afford higher-end installations and services, all the details can be presented, including length, rates, and monthly payment.

  • Quickly take deposit payments with Stripe
  • Direct customers to an external financing application
  • Recognize if customers get stuck at the payment stage
Allow customers to pay via the proposal portal

More Features For Accepting Proposals

  • Prepare For New Jobs Straightaway

    Set internal notifications to alert your team as soon as a proposal is won. Commusoft will then automatically create the corresponding job based on the opportunity. This speeds up the process, meaning your business can order the necessary parts, schedule the appointment, and ultimately complete the service and get paid.

  • Continually Hone How You Sell

    If a prospect chooses not to move forward with your business, they can select a rejection reason from a pre-set list, and provide additional feedback in a notes section. This enables sales teams to analyze losses and improve the sales process in the future.

  • Request Helpful Information for Your Team

    Customers can review their info and add notes, such as access and parking instructions, giving dispatchers and technicians more context for the job. Plus, the person accepting the proposal can specify a site contact, perfect for instances when they don’t match.

  • Increase Your Brand Recognition

    You can designate brand colors, fonts, and styling preferences that will show in your proposal portal. This ensures customers have a consistent and professional experience of your company image, which helps keep your business memorable.

  • Accommodate All Prospects and Circumstances

    Even with a proposal portal, prospects may choose (or need) to accept or reject over the phone or via email. The Commusoft platform offers an internal acceptance workflow, allowing salespeople to walk through a similar step-by-step experience and accept the proposal on behalf of the customer.

  • Monitor Prospects As They Review Your Offerings

    Commusoft tracks all interactions a prospect has within the proposal portal. If somebody opens the proposal but doesn’t accept or reject it, sales teams can view exactly where in the process the prospect dropped off. This context makes it easier for salespeople to reopen the conversation and continue pitching your services.

More Features For Accepting Proposals

Proposal Portal FAQs

  • A proposal portal is a digital experience that allows prospects to review your services, accept options, add-ons, and upsells, and evaluate payment terms.

    Personalized portals built with Commusoft can be sent to prospects via email or SMS with a simple click of a button. This secure solution enables prospects to review their proposal, select the service options that best suit their needs, and make a deposit payment. Further, they can select financing terms, and verify their contact information. This improves your deal win rate while giving service dispatchers and technicians all the context they need when booking the job and carrying out the service.

    Even more, sales teams can add rejection reasons for prospects to select, making it easier to identify shortcomings and opportunities to improve.

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  • Commusoft’s sales proposal portal software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose!

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