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Transform your payments


Our BASYS integration helps clients get paid quicker. Payments can be taken directly in the field, or online; you're in charge.

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Accept customer payments with BASYS and Commusoft

Don't wait to get paid

BASYS is flexible, giving your customers more ways to pay. This way, you can avoid both late, and non-payments.

Accept payments in the field

Quickly process transactions on the move and allow your technicians to take payments on site.

Sync payments with Commusoft invoices

Once clients pay, Commusoft automatically updates with accurate invoicing data directly from BASYS.

Get the most from BASYS and Commusoft

With our BASYS payment integration, your technicians can accept payments directly from customers on site. Or, your customers can pay online. Once payments are accepted through BASYS, Commusoft will update respective customer invoices with accurate data.

What is BASYS?

BASYS is an online platform that builds powerful and flexible tools for businesses to accept and process payments from anywhere.

BASYS payment integration FAQs

  • Yes, these customer details can be stored, but the card details themselves are not stored directly in Commusoft but are stored by BASYS, in accordance with PCI DSS compliance rules. 


  • BASYS offers a variety of payment solution agreements, depending on your business model. The type of agreement and account you have with BASYS will decide whether payments go directly into your bank account.

  • No, you will need to adjust this fee manually in your accounting package. 

  • Refunds will be managed via BASYS in order to ensure compliance with PCI regulations.

  • All you need is a BASYS account and a Commusoft account. 

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans and pricing.

  • Unfortunately not. BASYS is only available in the United States.

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