Google Calendar

Keep both your Commusoft and Google calendars in-sync and working together.

With the Google Calendar integration, events you create in one calendar will be automatically added to the other. This means you can always keep your calendars up-to-date.

Seamless calendar integration

Syncing your calendars can increase organization and help you plan even better.

Works for each technician

Each technician can sync their own Google Calendar to their profile in Commusoft.

Stay on top of your schedule

Ensure you don't double-book yourself and help manage annual leave and holiday too.

How does it work?

Simply connect your Google Calendar account into Commusoft with a few clicks. When you create jobs in Commusoft they will automatically be added to your Google Calendar, including the address, description, notes, and a link to the job in Commusoft.

When you add an event into your Google Calendar, it’s added into Commusoft as a normal event. Deleting jobs and events also works both ways.

What Do I Need?

You’ll need to use Google Calendar – which is free – and be an active Commusoft user.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I add a job or estimate into Commusoft?

The job will automatically be added into the linked technician’s Google Calendar. This includes job description, address, notes, and a link to the job.

What happens when I add an event into Google Calendar?

Events are automatically added into Commusoft as ‘Normal events’. This means they will be visible for all users, but will not be linked to a job record.

What happens when an event is deleted?

Deleting an event in one calendar will also delete it in the other – it’s a two-way sync.

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