Take Control of Your Calendars

Synchronize Commusoft and Outlook calendars to seamlessly share information across both platforms.

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Stay-On-Top-of Your Appointments

Complete Calendar Integration

Syncing your calendars can increase organization and help you plan time even better.

Accommodate Your Team

Each technician can sync their own Outlook Calendar to their profile in Commusoft.

Control Your Schedule

Nothing falls through the cracks; you’ll never double-book or miss an appointment again.

Get the Most From Outlook Calendar and Commusoft

Empower your team with time-saving accuracy! With our Outlook Calendar integration, events you create in one calendar will be automatically added to the other. New events will include details like address, description, notes, and a link to the job in Commusoft.


What Is Outlook Calendar?

Microsoft created Outlook Calendar as Outlook’s scheduling and calendar system. Users can create new appointments and events, oversee company schedules, and more. With Commusoft and Outlook Calendar working together, your team will never miss a beat.

Outlook Calendar Integration FAQs

  • The job will automatically be added into the linked technician’s Outlook Calendar; this includes job description, address, job notes, and a link to the job.

  • Events are automatically added into Commusoft as ‘Normal events’; this means they will be visible for all users, but will not be linked to a job record.

  • Deleting an event in one calendar will also delete it in the other – it’s a two-way sync.

  • All you need is an Outlook account and a Commusoft account.

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