Grow your business today by accepting card payments with SumUp.

The Commusoft app connects via Bluetooth to the SumUp card payment terminal. Simple to use and takes payment in seconds!

Avoid late payment from customers

By taking payment at the property you can avoid late-paying and non-paying customers

Take in the field payments

Quickly and efficiently process transactions on the move and allow your technicians to take payments

Sync payments with your invoices in Commusoft

Reduce the admin time of inputting sales orders and generating invoices

How does it work?

Easily take card payments from your clients once you connect the SumUp Card Reader via Bluetooth with the Commusoft app. This allows technicians to invoice and take payments as soon as they complete a job, even while still at the property!

What Do I Need?

To get the integration working, you need to subscribe to both SumUp Payment and Commusoft software. You need an Android or Apple device that has Bluetooth. Check here to see if your devices are compatible with SumUp Air.

SumUp and Commusoft integration overview

SumUp is the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe. Tens of thousands of merchants accept card payments with SumUp. SumUp simplifies card payments for 15 countries, including the U.S., the UK, Germany, and Brazil.

When your technician marks the job as complete on their device, they can easily take payment on-site using SumUp from the Commusoft app.

Commusoft is an online all-in-one workforce management software for the field service industry. Our system has a keen focus on plumbers, gas and heating technicians, fire and security technicians, and electricians and oil technicians. We help you manage your customer database, estimates, jobs, technician schedules, certificates, invoicing, and more.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SumUp app need to be installed on my device to use the integration?

If you’re using an Android, yes. If you’re using an iOS device, no, but it doesn’t hurt to have it installed.

How does this integration work?

Choose SumUp as a payment method on the Commusoft mobile app. This initiates the SumUp app, or another interface on your mobile device, and connects to the card reader. Then, you process the card and the invoice is automatically marked as paid in Commusoft.

Can I process a refund for these SumUp payments in Commusoft?

Refunds will be managed via SumUp in order to ensure compliance with PCI regulations.

If I take a payment through Commusoft with SumUp, will it mark the invoice in Commusoft as paid?

Yes, the integration automatically updates the invoice and marks it as paid.

Does the SumUp payment go directly into my bank account?

SumUp offers a variety of payment solution agreements, depending on your business model. The type of agreement and account you have with SumUp decides if payments go directly into your bank account.

Does Commusoft handle the fees that SumUp charges for transactions?

No, you will need to adjust this fee manually in your accounting package.

Can I store card details for future invoices raised against the customer?

No, these details cannot be stored when processing the payment, as it would break PCI DSS compliance rules.

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