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Learn all about Commusoft’s inventory management feature

Who should use inventory tracking?

All field service companies who have a stockroom with shelving and racking and a stockroom manager. Commusoft’s inventory management software is not the best fit for warehouses.

What does inventory management provide for my business?

Our comprehensive digital solution has 4 pillar points:

  • Enhance stockroom workflow
  • Reduce excess stock
  • Streamline returns process
  • Improve customer experience

By creating digital storage locations that match physical ones, your stockroom can be multi-location. Whether it’s a stockroom or a technician’s truck, you can easily assign storage locations

With real-time stock levels available at your fingertips on mobile and desktop devices, you can see what’s in stock in each location – including which parts (and how many) are available, reserved against jobs, or scheduled to be returned to the vendor. When a technician adds parts against a job, they can immediately see if a part is already in stock and where it’s located. No more unnecessary orders!

Returns are simple because you can mark parts for return in Commusoft, and then vendors are automatically emailed and informed of the parts and quantities to be returned. Technicians are prompted via their schedule to return the inventory to the stockroom, helping parts quickly get back to the vendor undamaged.

We even go a step further and offer automatic reordering for each storage location. When available inventory reaches your defined minimum level, purchase orders are automatically raised to order more.

Need to know what parts you used for a past job? No problem. Inventory history is readily available.

Here are some more awesome aspects of this feature:

  • See what is due in and due out
  • Check in arrived parts
  • Build picking lists to prepare for technician collection
  • Scan barcodes to mark parts as available

If you are interested, please contact Garrett at (872) 212-3118 or garrett.mulchrone@commusoft.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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