Provide transparency with our technician tracking portal

Show your customers who's on their way to complete work at their property. Integrated tracking systems are becoming more and more expected by consumers - think ride-sharing apps, meal deliveries, and package deliveries. Delight your customers with efficient and helpful tools that keep them coming back.

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With the basic version of this portal, customers receive a text saying their technician is on the way. The text also includes the job description and a link to a profile that includes the technician's name, photo, and industry credentials. In conjunction with Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, customers can see the technician's location, helping decrease no-access situations as the customer has an accurate estimated arrival time.

Reduce no-access scenarios and build customer trust

Convenient for customers

People want a better idea of when to expect a technician so they can structure their day accordingly. The technician tracking portal lets customers relax and know exactly when to expect their work appointment.

Informative technician profile

The technician profile includes the technician's name, photo, job description, and any industry credentials. This information lets your customers know exactly who to expect and let in to their property.

Enhanced with tracking

Your customers know where the technician is on their journey and their estimated time of arrival. Our real-time vehicle tracking feature is required to unlock this function of the technician tracking portal.


Automatically share the technician profile when they travel

The technician tracking portal is shared via SMS text message when the technician taps “Travel” and makes their way to the property. Then, the customer clicks the link within the text message to view their technician’s profile. If you do not use the vehicle tracking feature, the customer sees the technician’s profile with name, photo, industry credentials, and work description. This provides the customer with a professional service and offers reassurance as to who will complete the work.

map technician tracking

Tracking functionality to reduce no-access jobs

When used with our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature, the customer sees the technician’s route to their location and current ETA. By providing a responsive ETA that adjusts if the technician is stuck in traffic or takes a wrong turn, the customer knows exactly when to expect them. This allows them to tidy up, make the service area safe, or return to the property. In turn, this reduces no-access situations or hold-ups – creating a smoother experience for everyone.

US technician profile portal 2020 arrived_aborted

Share location only when the technician travels

As soon as the technician marks themselves as “Arrived” or if they were to cancel the job for any reason, the software no longer shares their location with the customer. The technician tracking portal updates accordingly to let the customer know the new status, ensuring that the customer only tracks the technician when it’s appropriate.

Uber style tracking of a technician on a mobile screen

Uber-style portal improves customer satisfaction

Consumers are increasingly expecting a sleek and professional customer experience and are growing used to tracking services such as product deliveries, meal deliveries, and ride services such as Uber. The technician tracking portal brings this functionality to the field service industry. Providing as much information as possible about your services builds trust with your customers, which is key to gaining repeat business. We strongly believe our tracking portal will offer your customers a superior and memorable experience.

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