Vendor management software designed for field service businesses

Get a complete overview of your vendors, including contact details, purchase orders, and the amount of money you owe them. You’ll never again waste time tracking down paper documents and vendor information with your vendor management system.

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Complete your transition to a paperless office with a full, intuitive vendor database management system you can rely on. It’s never been easier to manage your orders and invoices with all your vendors.

Centralize and speed up your vendor database management

A complete database

Access all the necessary information from each of your vendors with just a few clicks. Commusoft stores a list of all your vendors and the necessary documents right alongside them.

Quick access your preferred vendors

With Commusoft’s vendors relationship management software, you can pin your favorite vendors to the vendor tab, easily gaining essential insights.

Submit new purchase orders in moments

With contact details stored in your vendor database, you can create and send new purchase orders with ease. Thanks to your work order management software, this will never take you more than a few minutes again.

Build your database

Commusoft’s easy to use forms make it simple to add new vendors to your database. All you need is a name, address, email and phone number. You can even add your own credit terms so the system knows when to remind you to pay a bill. Once you’ve added all your vendors, you can navigate back to the vendors list and view all your vending partners.

Communication log

View your correspondence

All your communication with your vendor can be viewed right alongside their profile. Sent emails, printed documents and call logs are all in the notes section. Whenever you need to look back for information or obtain a “paper-trail” for a dispute, you can navigate to your notes. There you will see everything in one place with either a list or timeline view.


Personalize your dashboard

Your vendors dashboard can be customized to suit your business. Pin your preferred vendors so you can quickly raise new purchase orders, create bills and make payments. Once they’ve been pinned, you’ll also see the number of purchase orders you have with each and your payment data.

Purchase orders

Quick and easy POs

You can raise new purchase orders in seconds with your vendor database management software. Simply navigate to your chosen vendor and click new PO. Take the the time to build your inventory management database. Then it will simply be a case of searching and clicking the correct field to add parts to the PO. Afterwards, Commusoft will generate a branded PO and send it directly to your vendor.

Vendor database management software portal view on desktop

Get updated parts prices through the vendor portal

When creating a quotation, you can request prices from your chosen vendors for any number of parts or items. A vendor receiving this email request will also receive a link to the vendor portal. There they can add a price against each item ensuring increased price accuracy. This new price will update your records and the quotations used in the request form.

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