Work Order Management

Run your field service business with Commusoft's work order management software

Having the right work order management software can mean the difference between a highly efficient, profitable business and one that’s disorganized and struggling to serve its customers. Commusoft enables you to track the progress of all your work from the office or the road, ultimately offering a better experience for both employees and customers.

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Managing work orders with Commusoft software

Track every work order

Trace everything you need to know about your jobs in a single, backed-up database. With Commusoft's work order management, you'll never lose or misplace job records again.

Update in real time

Everyone’s kept in the loop with real-time updates across Commusoft. Technicians know exactly where they need to be and office staff can see precisely what's occurred at each job.

Manage any situation

Jobs don't always go according to plan. That's why we've made it easy to rebook jobs or put them on hold, record no access situations, or raise recall jobs if you need to revisit a property.

Key functionalities of work order management software

  • Access all past and present work orders
  • View work order data from mobile
  • Create additional works and recall jobs
  • Professional job sheets and reports
  • Sync your office and technicians
  • Powerful work order reports and dashboard
work order management software

All work order details in one location

Every work order in Commusoft has a central hub where you can track and record a myriad of relevant job details. This includes contact information, appointment times, parts, custom forms, notes, communication history, attached files, invoices, costings, and more. With all this data safely backed up to the cloud, everything you need to know about a job can be found in a single, secure location. It’s never been easier to streamline your operations with efficient work order management software.

work order management software mobile app

Manage work orders from anywhere

It’s essential that field service technicians stay up to date with their jobs, whether they are on site, on the road, or in the office. Commusoft’s work order management software solves this with a powerful mobile app that gives your technicians access to all job details, no matter where they are. When things change last minute or new jobs are added, data syncs to the mobile app in real time, so no one is caught with incorrect job information. Technicians can update each job as it is in progress by simply tapping to accept jobs, record travel times, check in or check out of a property, and mark a job as completed.

work order management - job description

Quickly create new work orders with detailed presets

Field service jobs are rarely one of a kind—you’ll most likely complete similar work time and time again. To make adding and managing work orders simple, Commusoft allows you to create preset job types that have all the required details saved. When adding a job, select the job type from the dropdown to automatically add information like price, time to complete, and the required technician skills. This makes creating new jobs quick and easy from both our web and mobile applications.

work order management report

Streamlined digital job sheets and reports

Whether your business runs on paper job sheets or you’ve already gone digital, generating and organizing professional documents presents challenges. Commusoft solves this with straight forward mobile job reports and arrival questions. All job reports are logged against the corresponding job and are automatically transformed into branded PDFs and shared with your customers. You can also sign off work with legally-compliant signature capture, ensuring both the technician’s and customer’s signature show on the final document.

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Manage complex work orders with ease

Commusoft handles a variety of complex job scenarios. With additional works, technicians can quote for small works requested by the customer—ensuring everything is tracked, signed off, and charged for. For example, while installing a new appliance, you notice an unrelated issue that needs fixing. The technician can simply raise an additional work to track this and help reduce any potential disputes with the customer. We also track recall jobs where a technician needs to return to a property to rectify a mistake, so you will know exactly which jobs went wrong.

work order management job recall

Adapt when things go wrong

While our alerts and notifications keep customers up to date with their appointments, sometimes jobs can’t go ahead as planned. If a technician arrives at a property but can’t gain access, they simply tap “No access” to let the office know. The job can then be rescheduled from either the web or mobile app. If a job needs to be delayed further or can’t go ahead at all, it can be placed on hold or canceled. This ensures you’ll always know the status of every job in your work order management software.

Online service booking

Working with property managers just got easier

When working with property management companies, you can add multiple properties against a single customer. This customer/property relationship informs various parts of our job tracking software, but none are more impressive than when used in conjunction with online booking. When you need to conduct work at a tenant’s property, all you need to do is send an email to inform them and request they book their preferred date and time using our intuitive online portal. It couldn’t get any easier.

work order management report

Report across all of your jobs

Commusoft’s comprehensive reporting feature allows you to automatically create accurate timesheets and profit reports that break down the cost of labor, parts, travel, and other expenses against each job. On top of this, you can view and filter a list of every job raised in the system, so you can review jobs by specific criteria or search terms. With these insights, you know exactly how you are performing and when to make adjustments that keep your business growing at a sustainable pace.

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