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Provide next level facilities maintenance solutions

Maintaining commercial spaces requires flexibility to keep everything under control. Commusoft’s job management platform offers customizable workflows and self-service solutions, empowering your service teams to accomplish more, with less pressure. Discover how all-in-one facilities management software ensures your logistics run without a hitch!

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Facilities management technician installing electrical wires

Boost profitability with streamlined communications

Juggling communications between facility managers, office tenants, and your maintenance subcontractors is impossible without the right systems in place. That’s why Commusoft’s facility management software offers powerful asset management, digital job booking, and preventative care solutions. After all, organized operations give you the capacity to maintain any space.
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Drive customer satisfaction

Be prepared when customers call

Supporting facilities managers has never been easier. When a client calls, your admins will have access to current and past job files, invoicing details, and full communication history.

Exceed client expectations

Many customers are too busy to call or email your team. Allowing them to take care of their admin needs themselves can be the best customer experience! Customer self-service software supports customers anytime and anywhere.

Widen your customer base

Facility management software can help you secure more referrals and earn better reviews, so you can win more new and repeat business. After all, great customer service is everything.

customer database

Streamline your daily operations

Free up your office team’s schedules

Commusoft gives admins the freedom to handle a variety of tasks each day. Our facility maintenance software and automations function as an extra team member, taking weight off your staff.

Centralize your customer records

Store vital client contact details, job histories, asset records, communication logs, and more, all in one FM software. Your team doesn’t have to struggle to find the customer data they need!

Oversee your mobile workforce

Commusoft’s mobile app offers many offline capabilities. Data syncs to your team’s mobile devices in real-time when internet connection returns. Your employees will be in sync no matter what happens!

online booking goes directly into calendar

Diversify your profitability

Book work orders anytime

Whether through your website, service reminder message, or customer self-service portal, you can book jobs any time of day. Offering more options to book appointments can increase your revenue.

Speed up your invoicing process

Clients can pay outstanding invoices anytime of day via a personalized statement portal. Alternatively, your team can invoice from the field and office – or let the system automatically invoice for you.

Reduce excess stock

Our ease-of-use facility inventory software helps teams organize real-time stock, vendors, and every part. This ensures you have full control of your budget, understand overhead costs, and make deliberate business purchases.

Facility management software designed for the trades

Whether you maintain one or multiple commercial properties, being able to handle planned and reactive maintenance is essential. The best facility management software gives your operations teams and subcontractors better visibility and the tools they need to manage any situation.

Oversee every facility's assets

  • Track appliances and maintenance schedules
  • Technicians arrive knowing the full asset and service history
  • Job sheets, certificates, and any custom forms are completed on site
  • The office team raise a consolidated invoice for all recent jobs
  • Customers oversee all documents through their customer portal

Pivot when there's an emergency

  • Facility managers book directly into your schedule
  • A technician with the right service skills is assigned
  • The technician tracks and logs their work using their mobile app
  • An invoice is automatically raised and sent to customers
  • The customer easily pays online and leaves feedback on the service

Ideal For

Operations Management

Operations manager inspecting commercial asset with facility management software

Maintenance Technicians

Facility maintenance technician repairing appliance

Facilities Repair Contractors

Facilities maintenance contractor inspecting commercial hvac units

Equipment Maintenance

Facility management technician maintaining equipment on rooftop


Managing Director

Hereford Heating

“The availability of customer details, appliance data, and work history saves time by allowing our technicians and administrators to share live work updates.”

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Facility management software features


    Clear communication between your team, contractors, and various property managers is foundational for the facilities management industry. Commusoft’s customer database offers customizable work addresses, and organizes information, job histories, and contacts for each of your buildings in one place. Your team will always be prepared for any circumstance!

    specific accounts with commusoft customer database

    From fire extinguishers, to HVAC units, fuse box repair, and so much more, facilities management teams install and inspect a broad variety of building assets. Our facility management software empowers you to update assets from each job site, monitor related work history, and add to assets contracts and planned preventive maintenance plans. Your entire team will know what assets are installed at each property and record any type of data against them. It's never been easier to maintain your commercial buildings!

    Asset management on mobile for iOS and Android

    Each facility has different needs and schedules. Whatever maintenance agreements you set, they can easily be arranged and carried out with Commusoft. Admins can create custom PPM schedules for each facility you manage. Further, your team will thrive with automated PPM job creation, service task lists, and asset-by-asset service plans!

    Planned maintenance schedule

    Meeting SLAs is critical for meeting unique building needs and deadlines. Commusoft’s service contracts are customizable, allowing you to choose specific metrics to measure with each contract. Fulfilling your SLAs has never been easier: each SLA is color-coded and features a live countdown clock. If an agreement is about to breach, your team has the tools they need to get into contact with the proper site contact.

    Service level agreements

    We understand that inspection and safety forms are a core component of any facility maintenance technician’s day. Commusoft makes it easy to design and utilize facilities safety forms, a form for a specific type of job, a checklist, an assessment, or more! Forms can be quickly completed via your Commusoft mobile app, digitally signed on site, and sent as PDFs to facility managers. This way, you can guarantee standard procedures are being followed on each job site.

    Custom form builder

    When phone lines are busy, or if they need access to job data outside of working hours, a personalized customer login portal has everything commercial tenants need. From job statuses, reports, invoices, safety forms, and more, customer portals set facilities managers up for victory, while relieving admin burdens from your team. Further with this solution, they can book appointments too; your team can always be there when customers need you!

    Customer portal screens stacked

Facility management software features

Facility management software FAQs

  • Facility management software helps trades businesses organize service appointments, contractors, and clients across various commercial properties. After all, it’s difficult to juggle so many moving parts without the right support.

    Commusoft’s computerized maintenance management system stands apart with customizable contracted licensing options, asset management, customer work addresses, and service contract management. Our work order management solutions will help your team create and implement standard workflows.

    Further, we understand how offering self-service tools to your customers can reduce admin burdens. That’s why we offer powerful customer login portal software, guaranteeing your commercial clients have 24/7 access to job records. With Commusoft, you can increase company availability and provide unmatched customer experiences, without any added stress.

    Ready to see the best facilities management software in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • We understand that facilities maintenance requires contracted work; that’s why we offer daily, monthly, or contracted licenses.

    With Commusoft, you won’t need to pay for technicians when they aren’t working for you. This can help reduce your maintenance costs!

    Learn more about which plan could be a good fit for you!

  • Absolutely; whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing facilities management businesses.

    Our single platform and suite of tools support both small and large facility maintenance organizations with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans.

  • Yes, free trial versions of our facility management platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s different plans here!

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