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Commusoft’s all-in-one solution helps facilities management teams handle weekly and monthly maintenance work across different job types, empowering your service teams to accomplish more, with less pressure.

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Boost Profitability With Streamlined Communications

Juggling communications between facility managers, office tenants, and your maintenance subcontractors is impossible without the right systems in place. That’s why Commusoft’s facility management software offers powerful asset management, digital job booking, and preventative care solutions. After all, organized operations give you the capacity to maintain any space.
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Streamline Your Daily Operations

Centralize Your Customer Records

Store vital client contact details, job histories, asset records, communication logs, and more, all in one FM software. Further, Commusoft’s customer database automatically updates live team locations and tracked activities. Your admins can get the full picture without needing to call your field team!

Easily Schedule and Dispatch

Take weight off your admin staff and help them manage team calendars confidently. With custom job descriptions, skill types, and team shift patterns, your office staff can always assign the right technician.

Oversee Your Mobile Workforce

Keeping the office and field united is crucial. Commusoft’s mobile app offers many offline capabilities, ensuring technicians can work without interruptions. Data syncs to your team’s mobile devices in real time when internet connection returns. Your employees will be in sync no matter what happens!

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Impress Customers With Outstanding Care

Improve Customer Communications

Want to prioritize customer support? As soon as your team begins to travel to the job site, your facility management customers will automatically be notified with an on-the-way message and tracking portal link. Customers will know exactly who to expect and when.

Book Appointments 24/7

Many facility managers are too busy to call or email your team. Allowing them to take care of their admin needs themselves can be the best customer experience! A personalized customer self-service login portal allows them to schedule jobs when it’s most convenient for them.

Consolidate Monthly Invoices

Each facility your team services comes with dozens of jobs per month. Rather than send an invoice after each appointment, our facility management software can help your admins create and send consolidated invoices. From their personal digital invoice statement portal, facility managers can review and securely pay any time of day.

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Diversify Your Profitability

Efficiently Manage Different Job Types

Each one of your services, whether your team inspects fire safety equipment, performs electrical testing, or installs green appliances, needs to be managed differently. Whether it’s a one-off job or planned monthly maintenance, Commusoft can help your team guarantee it’s handled appropriately.

Speed Up Your Invoicing Process

Organize parts pricing, labor rates, and time to complete each service, and understand your margins with our ease-of-use facility inventory software. And get control of your budget, the costs of each service type, and deliberately price jobs.

Enhance Your Digital Estimates

Whether you’re managing repairs or broken assets, Commusoft allows your team to create as many custom estimate templates as you need. This ensures your field team can effortlessly quote for future jobs directly on-site. Or, your admins can build and send quotes; it’s up to you!

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Expand Your Service Area

Maintaining commercial spaces requires flexibility to keep everything under control. With customizable workflows and self-service solutions, Commusoft's all-in-one facilities management software ensures your logistics run without a hitch! Winning the work you want has never been easier.

Testimonials for Commusoft

  • "Commusoft is a big player; it really puts it all together for us, and without it, genuinely, we'd be lost...I would definitely recommend Commusoft."

    Gurminder Jassal
    G Jassal All Trades

    G Jassal All Trades

Facility Management Software Features


    From facility installations, inspections, planned maintenance, to emergency repairs, your crew handle a wide variety service types. Commusoft's facility maintenance software gives you the freedom to customize skill and job types, enabling admins to assign the perfect team member for the appointment. Reducing admin pressures ensures they can quickly, and confidently react when circumstances change. Impressing your facility management customers has never been easier!

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    Your technicians and subcontractors handle a lot from the field. Instead of calling the office or taking paper notes, Commusoft's Mobile App has everything they need. Your facility maintenance team can view important job and customer data, create documents, and complete jobs without a Wi-Fi connection. Your app automatically syncs with the main Commusoft platform. This means your office and technicians can focus on the work they care about most, instead of sending constant updates back and forth.

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    When phone lines are busy, or if they need access to job data outside of working hours, a personalized customer login portal has everything commercial facility managers need. From job statuses, reports, invoices, safety forms, and more, customer portals set your clients up for victory, while relieving admin burdens from your team. Further, with this solution, they can book appointments too; your team can always be there when customers need you!

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    Handling a wide variety of service types means handling a wide variety of parts. Commusoft’s facility maintenance software streamlines parts ordering and inventory management for both your office and technicians. With real-time inventory and automatic reordering for regularly-used parts, you can stay on top of, and avoid, missing items or excessive stockpiling. Further, an organized system ensures your team can have access to the parts they need, when they need them.

    HVAC management software with inventory stock system

    Commusoft offers monthly rolling license plans for facilities maintenance teams—ideal for your temporary or seasonal subcontractors. If you need something even more flexible, you can opt for daily licenses, which are charged each month based on the number of days used. Even if a subcontractor leaves your company, their work history and job data will stay in your system. Nothing gets lost.

    Manage user licenses

Facility Management Software Features

Facility Management Software FAQs

  • Facility management software helps trades businesses organize service appointments, contractors, and clients across various commercial properties. After all, it’s difficult to juggle so many moving parts without the right support.

    Commusoft’s computerized maintenance management system stands apart with customizable contracted licensing options, asset management, and customer work addresses. Our work order management solutions will help your team create and implement standard workflows.

    Further, we understand how offering self-service tools to your customers can reduce admin burdens. That’s why we offer powerful customer login portal software, guaranteeing your commercial clients have 24/7 access to job records. With Commusoft, you can increase company availability and provide unmatched customer experiences, without any added stress.

    Ready to see the best facilities management software in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Contract work is a significant part of commercial facilities management. That’s why Commusoft’s Service Contract Management platform offers a variety of customizable solutions, including service level agreement tracking, personalized planned preventative maintenance schedules, automated contract renewals, custom invoicing and payment terms, and more.

    After all, each facility your team oversees comes with unique needs and timelines. Standing apart from the competition, winning more business, and providing unmatched services depends on a streamlined service contract workflow.

    Learn more about how to transform your facility management contracts here!

  • We understand that facilities maintenance requires contracted work; that’s why we offer daily, monthly, or contracted licenses.

    With Commusoft, you won’t need to pay for technicians when they aren’t working for you. This can help reduce your maintenance costs!

    Learn more about which plan could be a good fit for you!

  • Absolutely; whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing facilities management businesses.

    Our single platform and suite of tools support both small and large facility maintenance organizations with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans.

  • Yes, free trial versions of our facility management platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s different plans here!

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