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If you're a contractor or company looking for next-level tools to manage your technicians and payment collection, Commusoft all-in-one roofing software is the answer.

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Say goodbye to manual scheduling & dispatching

Whether it’s a roof maintenance, repair, or any other service, your customers can book appointments straight into your technicians' calendars. Your office staff can use our intelligent scheduling to optimize booking and dispatching based on your technicians’ other job locations that day, shift availability, and skills. Once the job is booked, your roofers will receive detailed work orders on their phones so they have all the information they need on the job.

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Know what technicians are doing in real-time

Never wonder where your crew is again when you use GPS technology to track technicians and company vehicles in real-time. Roofing software also lets you see all your subcontractors' appointments for the day, week, or month at a glance with an intuitive color-coded schedule. Information such as work orders and quotes sync in real time across the system, so your office staff and techs are always on the same page.

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Speed up sales & cash flow

As shingles and other parts can vary in price, use a database where you can pull up accurate prices, add markup, and bill accordingly. You can then create professional quotes with multiple options and get instant approval on site without all the back and forth with the office. When it comes to billing customers, whether it’s taking deposits, sending bulk invoices, or taking payment on site, using automated invoices will help you speed up payment and reduce debt chasing.

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It's hard to imagine how I coped without this software.

I used separate spreadsheets, documents, accounting and certification packages to run my business—Commusoft does it all and makes it so easy.

- Chris P. Director.

Keep customers coming back

Provide a frictionless customer experience by automating and personalizing customer communications, whether it’s a roof leak repair job confirmation or an on-the-way message. Create custom mobile forms, such as safety forms or assessments, for technicians to use on site to ensure they're following best practices. Roofing software helps you make sure that the parts you need for the job are available before you dispatch your team, which in turn helps keep your customers satisfied.

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Flexible payment options

We offer monthly rolling license plans, which are ideal for your seasonal or temporary workers. You can also use daily licenses, which are billed each month based on the number of days used. Whichever roofing software plan you choose, even if a subcontractor leaves, their work history and job data will stay in your system.

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Key Benefits

  • Track subcontractors in real time
  • Collect payment on site
  • Keep the office & techs in sync
  • Reduce time spent booking jobs


Key Benefits

  • Send professional quotes
  • Invoice multiple jobs at once
  • Efficiently schedule and route
  • Handle multi-property customers

10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

Roofing Software FAQs

What does the best roofing software do?
With roofing software, you can:
  • Convert leads 24/7 via an online booking system
  • Cut back on time spent scheduling jobs and easily reschedule jobs
  • Create quotes on site and get them approved right away
  • Collect payment on site, speeding up cash flow
  • Improve customer communications
  • Access automated reports so you can track profits and other key business metrics
Learn exactly how roofing software can benefit your business by booking your personalized demo today.
Does roofing software have a mobile app?
Yes! This offers an easy way for your technicians to get quotes accepted and collect payment on site, request parts from the office, and access customer, property, and asset information from an intuitive database.
How does roofing software affect my customer service?
Personalizing the customer experience is becoming increasingly important, and roofing software helps give your customers the best possible service. You can create customized quotes, invoices, and message templates for different jobs or customers. Keep them in the loop by sending service reminders and on-the-way messages. Giving them convenient options to give you their business has never been easier.
How much does roofing software cost?
This will depend on how many team members you have; larger teams usually purchase more licenses than a smaller company, for example. Look for a roofing software that gives you flexible options. This means that if you hire someone for busy season, you’ll want a software that allows you to stop paying for them once the busy season is over. Learn more about Commusoft's plans and pricing here.

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