Complete Control of Your Sales Process, From Start to Finish

Selling is foundational to any trades business. But expertly managing sales is impossible without the right support. Increased deal conversions, higher margins, and improved team success don't have to be distant points on the horizon. Discover how digitally organizing opportunity through to the final invoice can transform your sales!

Sales Manager Software
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Empower Your Team to Win Deal After Deal


Your company relies on your salespeople to generate revenue. If your team isn’t successful, the entire business suffers. Equipping your salespeople with the best tools ensures they can offer the best experiences. After all, optimized internal and external communications give your sales team the best chance to win the business you want.


Outfit your team with the tools they need to complete more tasks, with less effort.


Organize opportunity details and follow-ups, so you can convert more prospects.


Accomplish bigger goals with detailed profit insights and financial breakdowns.

Take Selling to the Next Level

Increase Team Ownership of Sales


Organized processes make it easier to win deals. That’s why Commusoft Sales is an all-in-one solution, equips your team with all the details they need when they need them. Complete communication histories with prospects and prompts to follow-up allow your team to take full control of their selling processes. Ultimately, your sellers can increase their deal won rate!

  • Oversee daily sales activities into one easy-to-use platform
  • Work with relevant customer notes, financial data, and more, at your fingertips
  • Empower your sales team to sell with confidence thanks to customizations
Commusoft Sales Opportunity View

Upgrade Your Sales Strategies


From initial inquiry to the final decision, Commusoft Sales tracks each step of your selling journey. Optimizing each stage of your sales process means your team can focus on building connections with leads - instead of pawing through notes, or worse, forgetting to reach out. After all, a great sales experience guarantees you stand apart when it’s time for prospects to make a final decision!

  • Expertly navigate and reinvent each stage of your selling process
  • Remain memorable with personalized message templates
  • Boost productivity with timely follow-ups and outreach to prospects
Moving opportunities through the sales pipeline

Create Attainable Profit Goals


Selling without understanding its true impact on your business is only a short-term solution. From employee labor rates, to parts pricing and margins per service, a dedicated sales platform will help determine what kind of deals produce the most revenue. Distinguishing shortcomings and strengths ensures you can expertly improve your selling strategies!

  • Understand team performance and set realistic milestones
  • Deliberately price your services with dedicated financial reporting
  • Identify job and part types that bring in the most revenue
Reporting and KPIs in Commusoft Sales

Streamline All Aspects of Selling

Phil Clarke

Director, PCL Heating and Gas Engineers

The new Commusoft Sales platform has been a game changer! We’re getting our proposals out in record time; which means we can focus our time elsewhere, which really is the biggest plus!"

Ready to Take Selling to the Next Level?

Top Commusoft Features for Sales Teams

  • Manage Each Stage of Your Sales Process

    Create different pipelines for each type of service you offer, or for each sales team member, it’s up to you! Commusoft’s pipelines provide an unmatched overview of how your sales team is performing. Tracking progress across each of your selling stages has never been easier.

    Sales opportunity dashboard showing a scheduled activity
  • Dig Into Specific Prospects and Their Needs

    Each deal in Commusoft has a unique viewing window. Within each opportunity, your sales team will have access to chronological communications with your company. Your team can create and add notes, call logs, and set internal reminders. Nothing falls through the cracks.

    Commusoft Sales Opportunity View
  • Create Bespoke Outreach Workflows

    Automating follow-ups gives your team the best chance of winning a deal. Commusoft’s sequences feature allows clients to create custom workflows to enroll their leads in. Whether you want to stay connected with current prospects, or reconnect with lost deals, email sequences can help your team increase revenue by staying top-of-mind.

    Sales sequences feature
  • Stand Apart With Eye-Catching Proposals

    Tired of copying and pasting the same proposal over and over? With Commusoft, you can create and use proposal templates. Want to provide good, better, and best options? No problem, simply build each option, and add them to any proposal going forward.

    Commusoft Sales proposal builder with pricing
  • Prospects Can Accept Services Online

    Each proposal you send can be viewed via a unique portal. When it’s convenient for them, prospective customers can review your plans, select add-on options, accept or decline your services, and digitally pay a deposit. This 24-7 solution guarantees your sales team can win deals any time of day or night!

    Proposal portal in Commusoft Sales
  • Maximize Service Pricing

    Understanding each opportunity’s exact impact on your revenue won’t be a mystery anymore. Commusoft breaks down how each service and proposal impact your labor rates and stock. This ensures your business decision-makers have all the information they need to price jobs competitively and boost revenue.

    Sales proposal pricing and margins

Top Commusoft Features for Sales Teams

Sales Manager Software FAQs

  • Winning deals is the biggest concern of any sales team, and Commusoft Sales can help!

    Our sales platform organizes each stage of your selling journey; empowering sales teams to take full control of their processes. Each opportunity is easily tracked within your sales pipeline, ensuring nothing falls between the cracks. Having valuable customer details at the ready and the capability to schedule future activities help your sales team follow up with prospective customers at the right time.

    Further, building beautiful proposals has never been easier. With Commusoft, you can add site photos, personalized videos, company branding and awards – it’s up to you!  And that’s not all, we also offer the ability to customize good, better, and best options and financial breakdowns. Understanding business margins ensures your sales team knows which opportunities have the biggest impact on company revenue.

    And finally, Commusoft Sales connects to our Jobs platform, ensuring your team can seamlessly book the job after the deal is won. After all, giving your sales team the best tools ensures they can be the best.

    Ready to see Commusoft Sales in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • We are fully devoted to customer care at Commusoft; if our clients aren’t successful, neither are we. Our dedicated client services team is available via email and telephone support. We also maintain a dedicated Knowledge Base with help articles covering all corners of the Commusoft platform. We’re there when you need us.

  • Commusoft’s Sales and Jobs platform pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large service businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account. Please note, our product is not suitable for businesses with less than 4 members.

    Learn more about each of our plans

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