Uncomplicate Appointment Management With Intelligent Scheduling Software

Want to schedule jobs in a flash? The best smart scheduling software removes pressure from admins by automating the usually complex process of manually mapping and scheduling jobs. Discover how powerful route optimization empowers service teams to maximize technician calendars, decrease travel time and fuel costs, and reduce admin burdens!

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Increase Productivity With Intelligent Job Scheduling

Boost Efficiency

Our smart scheduling algorithm creates the best schedule for your appointments by analyzing existing events, drive times, and more.

Easily Schedule Jobs

Save time, money & effort: admins can automatically schedule 1, or 1000 appointments without any headaches.

Assign the Right Technician

Our platform considers technician skills, shifts, and company service windows. The right employees will always be assigned to the right job.

Save on Fuel Costs

Intelligent scheduling software sends technicians on the most efficient routes between jobs, saving fuel, and extending both vehicle life and profits.



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Intelligent scheduling so seamless, and it’s in real time! That’s a really brilliant thing. We don’t have to keep on updating it to get what’s happening in real-time.

Maximize Productivity With Smart Scheduling Software

Boost Company Profits While Saving Time


Manually creating efficient schedules for multiple technicians with productivity and profits in mind is difficult for any admin. Let Commusoft handle the difficult work! Our smart scheduling software calculates and processes thousands of routes in seconds. All your admins need to do is select the suggestion they think is best. This system ensures technicians work from the most efficient routes and schedules, saving on fuel. With less time spent scheduling, your team can take on more jobs per day!

  • Our route optimization algorithm suggests thousands of jobs and routes
  • No more illogical schedules; our routes make sense
  • There's no wasted time driving back and forth to appointments
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We Do the Heavy Lifting


Our smart scheduling software analyzes the bigger picture; instantly reviewing each of your unique settings and preferences when making appointment suggestions. Intelligent scheduling doesn’t consider the new appointment in isolation. Our system accounts for technician skills and shifts, and how it impacts both the previous and the following job. This guarantees new jobs fit perfectly into your teams’ existing schedules.

  • Technicians with the right skills will be sent to appropriate jobs
  • Commusoft considers technicians shifts, and will schedule who's available
  • Schedule jobs during flexible service windows like "morning"
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See How Intelligent Scheduling Can Increase Your Profitability!

Schedule Jobs Quickly and Efficiently

Reduce Admin Strain


Efficiently managing company schedules is a tremendous task. Manually searching through team calendars for empty slots and trying to decide which technician is best for the job takes too much time. Once Commusoft compiles suggested appointments, admins can easily navigate through the different suggestions and choose the right assignment for the situation. Smart scheduling ensures jobs get scheduled quicker, without additional admin pressure!

  • Job suggestions are ordered by efficiency
  • Modify search parameters, like time and skills
  • You make the final appointment decision
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Accommodate Last Minute Changes


Intelligent scheduling makes it easier to be there whenever your customers are in need. Last-minute changes don’t have to ruin your schedules; smart scheduling software can seamlessly incorporate these jobs. Instead of being a scheduling headache for your team, unexpected jobs are opportunities to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and cash flow!

  • Quickly adapt any last minute changes or new jobs
  • Commusoft updates in real-time; all edits immediately sync for your entire team
  • Provide excellent customer service and increase profits
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More Ways Intelligent Scheduling Can Help Your Business

  • Mass Scheduling

    Want to schedule multiple jobs at once? With Commusoft's Automation plan, you can easily schedule hundreds of jobs at once. Set your parameters, and Commusoft handles the rest!

    intelligent scheduling software mass scheduling
  • ROI Calculator

    If you're not sure intelligent scheduling is worth it, try our easy-to-use ROI calculator. We'll tell you how much time and money you can generate for your business.

    Intelligent scheduling calculator
  • Set Technician Skills

    Guarantee the perfect technician is selected for a job by setting different skills. These are completely customizable. Examples range from "repair" or “installation" to niche specialties like "liquid fumigation" or "backflow tester".

    Technician skills
  • Set Technician Shifts

    Employee shifts are easy to create and maintain in Commusoft. Set full-time, part-time, or any combination of shift patterns. With these parameters in place, our system knows who to, and not to, book for jobs.

    Technician shifts

More Ways Intelligent Scheduling Can Help Your Business

Smart Scheduling Software FAQs

  • Smart scheduling software is a route optimization algorithm that suggests appointments. This system lifts admin pressure while ensuring employees work from streamlined schedules.

    Leave appointment scheduling optimization to us! Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling software suggests thousands of appointments in seconds based on appointment time, driving distance, technician skills and shifts, and the type of job. Commusoft sorts suggestions from most to least efficient, so your admins and managers can feel confident making a selection. Once the job is scheduled, Commusoft will automatically alert your technician’s mobile device. This ensures they’ll always be kept in the loop.

    Ready to see smart service scheduling in action? Book a call with our team to get started today!

  • Intelligent scheduling takes the guesswork out of appointment booking; when jobs are optimally scheduled, your team has the resources they need to complete more jobs in less time, cutting travel times and saving on fuel costs. These costs may seem insignificant on the surface, but they do add up! Ultimately, streamlined schedules reduce labor costs, so you can bring home larger profits.

    Great for emergency jobs, intelligent scheduling offers real-time visibility. This takes the pressure off your employees when they need to make a quick decision. Quick response times and organization builds customer trust in your business. A dependable reputation ensures more repeat and new business.

    Smart scheduling software has the power to revamp practically every aspect of your service scheduling operations!

  • Yes, Commusoft’s intelligent appointment scheduling software can be fully tailored to suit your company’s needs and preferences.

    The Commusoft platform allows you to create and assign different skill types and shift patterns to each technician. Further, you can create different job types for each of the services you offer. Along with already scheduled jobs and team calendars, our smart scheduling system takes these customizations into consideration when suggesting appointments, ensuring the perfect team member is recommended for the job!

  • Absolutely; but don’t just take our word for it, you can work out whether Commusoft’s intelligent job scheduling software is worth it for your business by using our ROI calculator!

    This calculator is quick easy to use, and can tell you how much time and money you can generate for your trades business.

  • We are fully devoted to customer training and care at Commusoft; if our clients aren’t successful, neither are we. To ensure you get the very most out of the Commusoft system, training is required when onboarding. We offer varying training packages based on the plan you choose. These are personalized, 1-1 sessions with an assigned Commusoft trainer.

    Support doesn’t end following your last session; our dedicated client services team is available via email and phone support. We also maintain a dedicated Knowledge Base with help articles covering all corners of the Commusoft platform. We’re there when you need us.

    Learn more about training and onboarding with Commusoft here!

  • Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Smart scheduling is available on our Customer Journey plan and higher.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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