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Schedule more jobs with online booking


Restructure your appointment scheduling system with Commusoft's online booking portal and drive efficiency. Customers select their preferred date and time window, then Commusoft automatically adds the job to your schedule with no extra work for you.

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Transform your scheduling with online booking

Add a portal to your website

When your team is off the clock, customers can book or request jobs directly through your website.

Slice manual data entry

Our booking portal automatically transfers data like customer details, job requests, and appointment dates and times into your database.

Prepare your team

Allow your customers to attach photos and notes when they book so you can gather the valuable information your team needs.

Link with service reminders

Include a digital booking link in your service reminders so customers can immediately book service.


Managing Director

Ace Energy Plumbing and Heating

We live in a world where everything needs to be done online. Customers can go to the front page of our website now and book an appointment at their leisure, any time of the day. We’ve found that it’s really popular.

Broaden your availability

Extend your company’s reach


Online appointment scheduling can bolster company profits and smooth daily operations. Customers can request or schedule jobs when it’s convenient for them. Your office staff can focus on bigger tasks instead of juggling booking phone calls and different schedules.

  • Provide a convenient solution for customers and office staff
  • Offer a straightforward system for customers to book online
  • There's no need to take manual bookings. Admin can handle other tasks
online booking on company website

Online booking that fits your business


Many customers don’t have the time to make phone calls to book service, or don’t want to. Don’t fall behind, a convenient online booking reaches more customers, and allows them to book how they want to. Set your business apart with our practical, and customisable booking solution.

  • Avoid additional data entry by letting customers schedule straight into your calendar
  • Pick which jobs people can book online
  • Present a window of availability to your customer
online booking goes directly into calendar

See how you can schedule more jobs with online booking!

Accommodate all customers

Let customers take control


Many customers don’t have the time to make phone calls to book service, or don’t want to. Don’t fall behind, a convenient online booking reaches more customers, and allows them to book how they want to. Set your business apart with our practical booking solution.

  • Impress customers with a friction-less booking experience
  • Customize which types of services customers can schedule
  • The system remembers returning customers' information
online appointment system

Get all the information you need


Your team doesn’t have to go into jobs blind. Commusoft’s online booking forms give customers the option to include photos, and space to type specific details about the appointment. No information gets left out, and you can provide unmatched customer service.

  • Customers can attach up to 3 photos to their submission
  • Customers can add detailed notes about their appointment
  • Help your technicians understand and prepare for the job before going in
online booking option to attach files

Take your online booking experience further

  • Offer job requests instead

    Don't want customers to book directly into your schedule? No worries, let them request service instead. Your office staff is immediately notified, so they can go ahead and arrange appointments.

    online booking form
  • Technician skills

    You can customize your online booking to only show available appointments with technicians who have the right qualifications.

    Online booking showing job details
  • Tenant communications

    Commusoft can accommodate tenant bookings. Book more jobs faster by allowing them to arrange service through your online booking portal.

    Online service booking
  • Customers book how they want

    Whatever works for your customers: they can arrange appointments through online booking links from your service reminder emails and text messages.

    Service reminders portal

Take your online booking experience further

Online booking FAQs

  • Online booking, or appointment, software that functions as an online booking form for websites. Think of it as a digital calendar available to customers, old and new, 24/7: this empowers service teams to take bookings online at any time of day.

  • Our online booking portal recognizes returning customers, so not only will they be impressed, they can also schedule jobs quicker.

    On Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan, the online appointment system works with intelligent scheduling, only showing available appointments with technicians who have the needed skills. With Commusoft, your business can be available to customers 24/7. Learn more about intelligent scheduling.

  • Online booking is available on Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan and higher.

    Our  pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose. Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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