Steer Your Team Towards Success With Live Fleet Tracking

Go further than simple GPS tracking systems with Commusoft! See where your technicians are, whether they're on the move, and how they're driving with our real-time vehicle tracking software. Commusoft links technicians tracking data with your schedule and job information, so you always have a complete picture of the situation.

Vehicle tracking for web and mobile

Maintain Your Fleet With Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Vehicle Views

Oversee your entire team with real-time location data and tracking, down to the exact speed technicians are driving.

Dedicated Trackers

Unlike mobile-based solutions, our GPS trackers offer accurate location tracking and can’t run out of battery.

Accurate Location History

Access precise location timelines, showing exactly where each technician has been and when.

Safe Driving Data

Collect handling data such as speed, braking, acceleration, and cornering to know how technicians are driving.

Customer ETA Alerts

Customers can track your technicians in real time as they travel to their property and view a live ETA.

Mobile Tracking App

Track all your vehicles on the go with our iOS and Android app, whether you have one truck or a whole fleet.



Orange Fox Electrical

We now also use Commusoft for tracking vehicles; it's saved us money from the separate tracking software we used to use!

Dependable Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Instantly Know Where Your Team Is


Count on Commusoft to gather real-time vehicle data so you can stay-in-the-know. Day or night, our GPS vehicle trackers offer full insights into your technicians’ location, wherever they are in the field. You’ll never have to call a technician again to find out where they are!

  • Know where vehicles and stock are if there's an emergency
  • See current speed and if the vehicle is moving
  • Track on the go with our mobile vehicle tracking app
Vehicle tracking for web and mobile

See a Complete Picture of Every Trip


Unlike smartphone-based vehicle tracking systems, our GPS trackers don’t require a battery and can’t easily be turned off. This reduces the risk of blind spots in your critical tracking data. Plus, Commusoft records 6-months of timestamped trip data, letting you know the exact route travelled by your trucks.

  • Track location offline and sync data when the signal returns
  • View each data point sent to your vehicle tracking software
  • Keep tabs on out-of-hours usage of company vehicles
real-time vehicle tracking trips

Reinvent Your Daily Operations With Real-Time Vehicle Tracking!

Optimize Your Operations With Tracking Data

Equip Your Team to Handle Emergency Jobs


Effortlessly schedule surprise jobs on-the-fly. With real-time data, your office staff can schedule the closest technician based on live location, timing, and distance from the booking. GPS trackers can help you turn unforeseen changes into opportunities to increase company cash-flow!

  • See technician distance and ETA when booking jobs
  • Logically handle last-minute schedule changes
  • Delight customers by quickly reacting to their needs
real-time vehicle tracking scheduling

Give Customers Real-Time Travel Updates


Real-time vehicle tracking software can also benefit your customers! Our technician profile portal shares your technician’s location and their ETA with the customer as they travel to the job site. Our live updates also include team member profiles with a name, photo, and credentials, so customers know who will be arriving at their property.

  • Reduce no-access scenarios and hold ups
  • Technician profiles show customers exactly who to expect
  • Impress customers with a superior experience
technician tracking portal

Hit the Road With Truck Tracking Software

  • Safe Driving Data

    Our real-time van tracking system helps you understand potential risks to both employees and company property. This can help reduce costs like fuel consumption and insurance.

    real-time vehicle tracking data
  • Truck Tracker Options

    Commusoft offers self-install and professional-install vehicle trackers for purchase. A SIM card, which relays information back to Commusoft, is included with each tracker.

    Vehicle trackers
  • GPS Leaderboard

    Compare and contrast your team’s driving records from your vehicle tracking software. You can see who has driven the furthest or who may need to take it easier behind the wheel.

    real-time vehicle tracking leaderboard
  • Driver Timeline

    Keep your team honest. Commusoft builds a side-by-side timeline comparing each technician's reported trip times (provided via the mobile app) and those recorded by the vehicle tracker.

    real-time vehicle tracking timeline
  • Vehicle Tracking App

    It’s vital for business owners and managers to have oversight of their technicians, no matter where they are. Our vehicle tracking app provides access to real-time locations, user search function, and one month of trip data.

    real-time vehicle tracking mobile interface

Hit the Road With Truck Tracking Software

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking FAQs

  • GPS vehicle trackers are becoming a necessity for any trades business; these tools empower you to keep track of your mobile team, protect your fleet, and accommodate last minute schedule changes.

    When you know where your team is, and what they’re up to, it’s easier to assign late and emergency jobs. The ability to pivot means your team can complete more work each day, please more customers, and bring home larger profits!

    Further, GPS trackers can help managers enforce safe driving practices, keeping your team safe, and extending the life of your trucks!

  • We offer the key features of vehicle tracking system, including sturdy and reliable trackers, an emphasis on team safety, and the ability to build comprehensive performance reports!

    Commusoft’s tracking system stands the test of time. Our vehicle GPS trackers can’t run out of battery, can’t easily be turned off, and will work offline, syncing data when a signal returns. Vehicle trackers can do more than let you track your mobile team. You can allow customers to track your technicians while they’re on their way, reducing no access incidents.

    Commusoft also pulls driving data and compiles it into comprehensive reports so you can have the best overview of your mobile workforce. Commusoft’s real-time vehicle tracking software gives you access to driver behavior, efficient driving indicators, and safety data. These stats can be compared across your entire fleet, so you can see who may need to treat their vehicle with a little more care.

    Our vehicle trackers also protect your profits and vehicle life: you can see if any employees are using your vehicles for out-of-hours errands and unauthorized trips.

    Ready to see Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • There are no added monthly fees for real-time GPS vehicle tracking with Commusoft.

    Simply purchase one of our vehicle trackers to get started!

  • Our real-time vehicle tracker software is included in the price of Commusoft; but you will pay a one-time charge per vehicle tracker (one per vehicle) plus sim card. Please note that data usage and costs will be your responsibility.

    Our pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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