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Commusoft's service scheduling software offers unmatched insights into your team's calendars while keeping technicians, admins, and customers in sync. After all, maximized schedules are the beating heart of your daily operations; and optimized calendars set your entire business up for success. Efficiently completing jobs, pleasing customers, and boosting company revenue has never been easier!

Commusoft service scheduling between web and mobile app

Optimize Team Service Schedules

Your Schedule, Filtered Your Way

Commusoft's service scheduling software is flexible. Customize your schedule to suit your businesses' needs and preferences.

Technician Skills

Send the most qualified technician to the job by creating and setting skills like installation, maintenance, repair, and more.

Technician Shifts

Set unique shift patterns for your entire mobile workforce so the right technician is booked within certain timeframes.

Schedule Jobs in Seconds

Simply choose a time and create new appointments with our drag-and-drop schedule.

Real-Time Schedule Updates

Just received an urgent job request and need to inform your technician? Don't worry; they'll receive instant notifications on their mobile app.

Mobile Access

Your team can take their calendars with them on the road! You’ll know where your team members are, and they’ll never miss any updates.



Frontier Plumbing and Heating

The calendar system on this software is second to none. From booking, attending and completing a job report, there really is no other software currently on the market that can tick all the boxes for us!

Take Control of Your Schedules

Seamlessly Change Gears


Commusoft’s drag and drop system makes booking and rearranging jobs in your service scheduling calendar painless. Whenever jobs need to be added, moved, or cancelled, your team can smoothly pivot. We offer different views, so your schedule can fit your personal and business needs.

  • Effortlessly respond to scheduling changes and keep everyone in sync
  • See daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly views
  • Enhance your service management with real-time vehicle tracking
service scheduling software; calendar view

Sort Your Schedule How You Want


There is no one-size-fits-all for service scheduling software. We strive to make Commusoft’s schedule flexible enough to meet the unique needs of different field service businesses. Customize your experience with different viewing options and system settings.

  • Choose from various viewing options and system settings
  • Quickly filter your schedule to find whatever you need
  • Select a vertical or horizontal layout, and colour-coding for users or job types
service scheduling software customization

See How You Can Optimize Your Daily Operations!

Effectively Manage Your Team Calendars

Know Where Your Team Is


Our mobile and web software sync in real time, allowing your team to easily keep tabs on the progress of jobs. Distinct and simple icons convey key details like a thumbs up for an accepted job, a house when the technician is on site, or a check mark once the job is complete. Commusoft’s self-service technician tracking app ensures customers can view live tech ETAs without your admin team needing to manually send updates. From their dedicated portal, customers can view updates, and have a chance to prepare the job site for your team’s arrival.

  • Easily keep tabs on all jobs with a simple glance
  • All technician actions, like "travelling", or "arrive" appear up in the schedule
  • A log of exact date, time, and location is saved alongside full work history
Track jobs with service scheduling software

Manage Customer Expectations


Service windows are a beloved aspect of our service calendar software. They give your technicians wiggle room when they’re running early or late. You can book a job at a specific time, e.g. 9:00-10:00, and assign it to the ‘Morning’ service window. While the technician knows the exact appointment time, the customer is only informed of the ‘Morning’ time frame.

  • Give your technicians flexibility if they’re running late
  • Prepare for when jobs run over or finish ahead of schedule
  • Field service is unpredictable: easily meet customer expectations
service scheduling software service windows

Maximize Your Service Scheduling

  • Manage Your Team Remotely

    Managers can access the entire company schedule when they're on the road. Technicians and jobs to be viewed and organized directly from the mobile app.

    Commusoft Mobile App on three devices
  • Incorporate Intelligent Scheduling

    Save even more time and money with this powerful upgrade. This gives office staff the ability to seamlessly fit more jobs into your schedules with our route-optimization engine.

    intelligent scheduling software map view
  • Automatic Communications

    Automatically generate personalized confirmations and reminders. Whenever anything changes, you can ensure customers are updated with the information they need, when they need it.

    alerts and notifications
  • Book the Right Technician Every Time

    Send the perfect technician for each job. With our skills and shift tools, you can avoid booking an out-of-shift technician or sending someone who isn’t fit to complete the task.

    service scheduling software technician skills
  • Self-Service Appointment Rebooking

    Whether your business is closed for the day, phone lines are busy, or customers simply forgot, they can reschedule appointments via their job confirmation message. Empowering customers to help themselves lifts pressure from your admin team, and ensures technicians work from optimized schedules.

    online booking form

Maximize Your Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling FAQs

  • Service scheduling software is a digital solution that organizes all your technician scheduling needs, including team availability, skillsets, and last-minute changes, so you can be prepared for anything.

    Commusoft does this, and much more! We’re an all-in-one solution, replacing the need for multiple management software. Further, Commusoft’s service job scheduling software completely replaces the need for paper calendars and sticky notes. Customer and appointment details can be located and edited from one place.

    Technician scheduling software revamps traditional appointment workflows. Jobs within Commusoft can be added, edited, and deleted at any time, so your team can quickly react to any changes.

    In addition, the Commusoft platform also offers self-service scheduling options for your customers. When circumstances change, any time of day, your customers can book, or reschedule appointments. This removes pressure from admins while guaranteeing your team provides the best customer experiences!

    Ready to see Commusoft’s service scheduling software in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Yes; Commusoft’s technician scheduling mobile app displays full job details, calendar updates, and syncs in real time. Further, our mobile app offers many Wi-Fi free capabilities, so your team can stay productive no matter what. This ensures that your office team and mobile workforce will always be working in harmony.

    Your technicians can view, edit, and update their calendars from their mobile app, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls to the office.

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  • Our appointment scheduling software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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