Keep tabs on your team with a technician tracking portal


Help your customers stay in-the-know! Commusoft’s technician tracking portal shows customers which technician will be arriving at their property, and their ETA - building customer trust, and reducing no-access situations.

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Provide transparency

Informative technician profile

The technician profile includes the technician's name, photo, and any industry credentials. This way, your customers will know who to expect at their property.

Real-time tracking

Paired with our real-time vehicle tracking software, you can allow customers to see live technician location updates as they travel to the job site.

Uber-style tracking portal

Automatic technician status updates can be sent to customers via SMS text message.

Customer convenience

Keep your customers in the loop; with live notifications our technician tracking portal helps customers structure their day, and know exactly when to expect their appointment.



Aurora Heating Ltd

I hate writing reviews but would have felt guilty not to give credit where due with Commusoft. The team at Commusoft and their level of service have always been top notch! You ask - they help.

Build customer trust with a technician profile portal

Make sure customers stay posted


Give your customers an opportunity to prepare before your technicians arrive. The technician profile portal works with our real-time vehicle tracking feature to put your team members on the map. With live updates, your customers can know exactly when to expect your team member.

technician tracking portal ETA

Wow customers with live updates


Your team can enable your technician profile portal to be sent to customers via text message when your technician taps “Travel” on their Commusoft mobile app. The technician profile updates accordingly to keep the customer up to date with their current status.

  • Share the technician profile via text message
  • Let customers prepare for your technician’s arrival
  • Notifications end when the technician arrives or cancels the job

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Boost your company reputation

Reassure customers with technician information


Put customers at ease with accurate technician profiles. Alongside the real-time location, the profile includes the technician’s name, photo, industry credentials, as well as the job number and description of the work they are completing. If you do not use our vehicle tracking feature you can still send the profile without the technician’s location.

  • Customer know exactly who to expect at their property
  • Build important customer trust in your business
  • Option to send technician profiles without location
technician profile portal

Improve customer happiness


Our technician tracking portal is uncomplicated and easy-to-use, giving customers the information they need. As soon as your technician arrives on site, or if the job is cancelled, the portal will stop sharing information with the customer. The customer will always stay up-to-date with current technician status, or any changes.

  • Customers remain updated no matter what happens
  • The portal updates based on technician status
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a smooth experience
alerts and notifications

Technician tracking profile FAQs

  • A technician tracking portal is a great opportunity to extend great customer service while reducing manual outreach by your admins. This benefit is two-fold: your customers can get the updates they want, and your office team can spend more time on higher-value tasks.

    Further, our professional technician profiles and portal keeps customers updated, so they remember to prepare for the technician’s arrival. This reduces the number of no-show appointments, meaning your team can accomplish more each day.

    When you show your customers you care, you can improve your business’s reputation, and increase your chances of winning more new and repeat business!

  • Our technician tracking software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

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