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Finch Improves Customer Service and Scheduling With Commusoft

Find out why Commusoft is so central to Finch Trade Professionals' business operations.

Plumbing & Heating

10 employees

Poole, UK

Finch plumbing
Without Commusoft I would need at least another full-time staff member. Now I can spend time planning targets of our business.

“The main great thing about Commusoft is the fact that everything is in one. What is really important for us, is a software that delivers a great customer service and helps people out. If the software wouldn’t support us with this, it would be a catastrophe. Because, imagine someone calls up because they’ve got no heating, no water – and you forget your appointment and they are sitting at home waiting for you. We need a software that’s reliable, keeping all of these things on record and Commusoft does exactly that.”

What we love about Commusoft is the Service Scheduling feature, the Customer Database and the interaction with the technicians via the Mobile App. The history that we’ve got – we know exactly what we’ve done at every customer’s house and we can see it in the office and technicians can see it on the field.

Before Commusoft, life was rather difficult. Keeping an eye on things when you’ve got hundreds of jobs going at the same time was an absolute nightmare. I am the office manager and without Commusoft I would need at least another full-time staff member. Now I can spend time planning the targets of our business and what strategic approach we’re taking for new things, because I don’t have to worry all the time about the on-going management, as a lot of it is done by the software for me.”

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