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Mycroft Heating and Plumbing Testimonial

Commusoft helps Mycroft Heating and Plumbing ditch multiple platforms

Prior to moving to Commusoft's job management software, Tim Mycroft, of Mycroft Heating and Plumbing was using a disparate group of platforms to try and manage appointments. With Commusoft, he was able to do everything within one system - see what he has to say about his experience.

Heating & Plumbing

4 employees

London, UK

Mycroft heating and plumbing
As a growing business, Commusoft gives us the confidence to grow, it works great for us and I am sure it will work for lots of other companies.

“Primary to moving to Commusoft, it was a pretty laborious process to make an appointment, because we were duplicating information across about two or three possibly even four platforms. Now, it’s just put in to one.

“Everything that we do within the business, every job we go to is within the calendar and everything that we need to know comes through or from the service scheduling feature. And so without it, we would be pretty stuck. It’s not just simply a calendar, it’s a very feature rich and it’s intuitive to use, it’s very flexible, easy to move jobs around, changing jobs, adding new calendar events into existing jobs; it’s easy to find new slots when you need to find them.

“One great feature about the calendar is if you have a customer phone call and they want a boiler service, for example, it immediately brings up the date of the service, it remembers it, and the following year you can send a notification to your customer to tell them their boiler service is due again. Customers really like that.

“I feel like this schedule feature has given us more time to focus on other things. We’re able to plan better because you can go and see a customer and you can go on the calendar and see what’s been going on in the past. You can select that customer through the calendar, find the history, and say ‘I think I’m going to take this part with me because that went wrong last time’, whatever it might be.

“For those considering Commusoft, a couple of things I will say, firstly it’s a very intuitive program, secondly there is a lot of video help – video tutorials you can use. And another thing I really like about the company is that they are incredibly approachable. As a growing business, Commusoft gives us the confidence to grow, it works great for us and I am sure it will work for lots of other companies.”

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