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Ep. 14 | How to Get Your Quotes Approved and Close More Deals

Success in the Field

In this edition we are speaking to Aaron McLeish, from Together We Count. Business owner, book author, and accountant: who better to help you learn how to use quotes the right way!

It’s all about the art of creating quotes your customers will love and closing more deals.

Together We Count helps field service businesses gain control over the financials and learn how to harness the power of quoting in order to sell more.

In our discussion we cover:

  • Why contractors struggle with closing deals and selling bigger projects
  • How can a business use good-better-best pricing to help customers feel in control and more open to buying
  • Where the trades industry is going when it comes to attitudes towards selling

Hosted By

Jason, founder of Commusoft

Jason Morjaria

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As Commusoft founder, Jason has over 15 years of experience building software for field service companies and working with businesses to understand their challenges. Jason created Success in the Field to share his insights and discuss vital topics for the field service industry, all with the aim of helping companies grow their business and improve customer journeys.


Jack Sargent

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As Commusoft's sales manager, Jack has spoken with thousands of field service companies to discuss their business needs. Jack joins Success in the Field to to bring his knowledge of the day-to-day challenges tradespeople face and the many stories that Commusoft clients have shared with him over the years.