Customer database for field services businesses

Running a company in the field service industry requires a great deal of organization. Booking in jobs, dealing with cancellations and managing customer accounts can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the correct tools for the job. Commusoft stores all your customer information safely in a single customer database and allows you to manage records efficiently, from the office and on the go.

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Customer database software in commusoft's job management software

Impress your customers with your efficiency and record keeping. When you have everything at your fingertips, accessing customer information is quick and simple.

Present a professional image with an intuitive customer database

Reduce admin tasks

Don't spend your time searching through filing cabinets for records, or asking customers the same details over and over. Once you add customer information into the database, you can rely on that data for future visits and locate it using a convenient search bar.

Centralized client data

Commusoft's CRM database eliminates the paper trail; collating in real-time all customer, job, and communication records together. Notes, emails, SMS, and phone calls are all logged against customers and jobs for easy access anytime.

Manage real estate agencies and landlords

With the customer/work address relationship you can easily link one or thousands of properties to a single owner, letting you properly manage different types of customers and their properties.

Service reminders job management software

The heart of your business

Without customers, your business wouldn’t exist. With work order management software you can make sure that they’re organized and looked after. Customers are happy when service businesses remember the work they’ve done before, understand and remember their needs and problems, and communicate effectively – Commusoft’s customer database is central to all of these.

Contact details and communication preferences in Commusoft

Contact details and communication preferences

Store all of your customers’ contact details in a secure place. You can even add companies, real estate agencies, landlords, and more – plus assign multiple contacts to one property. We know that everyone has their own preferences, that’s why you can select which communication method is preferred by each contact. You can select whether they prefer a phone call, SMS text message, email, or letter, making sure you communicate with them effectively.

Searching for

Powerful search

Commusoft offers a powerful search available on both the web and mobile app. Easily and quickly search for a customer, phone number, property, job number, invoice number, vendors, parts, and much more. Find whatever it is you’re looking for in seconds with our customer database search.

Job management attached files

Store files against customer accounts

The customer relationship management (CRM) system provides a single area to store files against a customer and eliminates paperwork. You can attach anything you like to a customer, whether it’s a PDF, image, audio file, Excel spreadsheet or a product manual. These files can be uploaded, viewed, and downloaded from the computer or mobile meaning technicians can access them in real-time wherever they are.

Assets on mobile

View assets and other technical information

Having the right data source to hand is always a plus. With a single click, you can view all of the assets at a property and the location of items such as a carbon monoxide alarm. This not only speeds up your response but avoids wasting time at an appointment or long phone calls to ask customers questions they’ve already answered in the past.

Estimate software reminder email template

Customer automation

There are many repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the field service industry, but they’re essential if you’re going to provide a great customer experience. To save you time, Commusoft can streamline and automate many things, including job confirmations, estimate reminders, service reminders, and after sales care (to name a few) meaning you can concentrate on growing profits.

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