Customer Database

Securely store all customer information in one place

Manage and retrieve customer records from anywhere with our cloud-based customer database. You can use this tool to manage customer accounts, organize jobs and work orders, and handle communications, all while improving your overall business strategy and organization.

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Commusoft's customer relationship management (CRM) database combines all customer, job, and communication records together. Having this in one place reduces admin work and provides easy access.


You can easily link one or thousands of properties to a single owner. This helps you effectively manage different types of customers and their properties.


There's few things worse than not remembering information about your customer and their jobs when they call. Our customer database makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for in seconds.

What you get from using our customer database

  • Secure and organized digital records
  • Manage your data from anywhere
  • Access across mobile and web applications
  • Send emails and texts from customer accounts
  • Store data on different customer types
  • Attach files and technical info to customers
customer database

Access detailed customer information across devices

Commusoft gives you the ability to safely store all the information you need against each customer account. That way, when a customer calls, you know their details right away without having to dig around for the information. In addition to basic contact information, details such as ongoing work and work order history are displayed directly on the record. If they owe any money, that is apparent right when opening the customer account, and a record of invoices and estimates is also stored.

personalize communications with Commusoft's customer database

Automate time-consuming tasks

Concentrate on your top priorities while Commusoft takes care of your repetitive tasks. You can streamline and automate many tasks, including appointment confirmations and reminders, service reminders, and customer feedback requests. Stop retyping the same message over and over again by using templates specific to any type of message you may send (e.g. invoices, estimates, etc.). The templates use tags, which makes it easy to automatically address the customer by name or include other personalized details. CRM automation means optimized productivity for your team and a smoother experience for your clientele.

customer database communication logs

Communicate effectively

Customers are happy when you understand their specific problems, recall job history, and communicate effectively. Commusoft’s customer database helps you do all of these things. On a customer’s record, you can easily send emails, text messages, log phone calls, and add notes, plus see a history of all prior communications. To make sure you communicate on your customers’ terms, you can select whether they prefer to receive a phone call, text message, email, or mail. Providing excellent customer service has never been easier.

specific accounts with commusoft customer database

Create accounts for specific types of customers

Our database allows you to keep track of multiple types of customers. These may include private customers, companies, property managers, landlords, schools, or any other type of customer you work with. Customers with multiple properties can also be set up, allowing you to easily see every property associated with the main customer. This can be really useful when working with property management companies and tenants. We also make it simple to send the right communications to the right contact. For example, notifying the property manager that a service is due, but corresponding with the tenant to arrange access.

Want to see how a customer database can improve customer satisfaction?

technical references and assets with commusoft customer database

Assets and technical information at your fingertips

With a CRM designed for field service, you can access records of installed customer assets and technical property details from wherever you are. This gives your technicians relevant site information, such as the location of the fuse box or water main. Knowing where to find things at a property is just one way your techs can get the job done quicker. This is great for clients, too—no need for back and forth with customers asking questions they’ve already answered.

attach files to commusoft customer accounts

Attach files against customer accounts

Commusoft allows you to attach files to customer accounts. That way, you can add important details, eliminate paper, and keep everyone in the know. We accept files such as images, PDFs, spreadsheets, audio, and videos. It’s perfect for attaching product manuals, site photos, or anything else. Your team can upload, view, or download these files from a computer or mobile device, allowing them to access useful customer data no matter their location.

easily retrieve customer records

Easily retrieve customer records

Find what you’re looking for in seconds with our search tool on both web and mobile apps. Commusoft’s customer database offers a quick way to search for a customer, phone number, property, job number, invoice number, parts, and much more. You’ll always be able to locate exactly what you need in mere seconds. If technicians have their hands full on a job, they can even search using their voice from the mobile app.

customer database reports

Access customer reports

When it comes to analyzing the big picture, it can help to view reports on your customers. We provide reports with a full list of your customers. For each customer, we display information like contact information (including address, email, phone number, etc). You can filter these reports however you like to see specific views of your clientele. For example, you can see all your customers in one zip code.

Commusoft's VoIP Phone System

Take your CRM to the next level with VoIP

Commusoft’s Customer Journey Plan helps you elevate your customer experience and admin with an integrated VoIP system. Connect your existing VoIP system to make and receive phone calls from your computer, know exactly which customer is calling, and access customer records and work history while on a call.

Ready to take your customer management to the next level?

  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Automate Admin Tasks
  • Improve Customer Journeys