Comprehensive Inventory management software

A multi-location inventory system designed to track and manage stock across your business. Companies looking to take their existing inventory management to the next level can enhance their stockroom workflow, reduce stockpiling, streamline returns, and offer improved customer experience.

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inventory idesktop and mobile screen

Manage inventory levels, scan barcodes for parts, set minimum re-order levels, utilize a warehouse app, create picking lists and much more. This multi-location inventory management system will significantly improve how your business manages parts and inventory. Ultimately our inventory system is designed to save businesses' money through four main benefits: enhancing stockroom workflow, reducing excess inventory, streamlining the returns process, and improving customer experience.

Our inventory management system will help you manage inventory, from request to delivery and installation

Multi-location system

Define inventory locations across your business, whether it's a warehouse, office or a technician's truck.

Standalone warehouse app

When parts arrive from the vendor, use the warehouse app to quickly mark parts as available.

Detailed picking lists

The warehouse app can also be used to create picking lists when preparing parts for jobs, offering digital accountability.

inventory mobile app workflow

Enhance stockroom workflow

Even the best inventory software and workflows can be undermined by poor stockroom organization. That’s why we’ve designed our inventory control feature around the daily workflows of stockrooms, from arrival and check-in of new parts, to building picking lists and technician collection. With the new mobile inventory app, warehouse managers have a comprehensive solution to manage the flow of inventory through their business, without carrying a computer around.

Reduce excess stock

Stockpiling is a symptom of inefficient inventory control and can put a significant burden on your business’s resources and cash flow. Instead of utilizing existing inventory, staff often raise new purchase orders with vendors when they need spare parts. With Commusoft’s inventory system you know what’s in stock whenever spare parts are requested, ensuring technicians use available parts first. You can even set automatic reorder levels to keep certain parts readily in stock in a controlled and manageable way.

Streamline parts returns

Poor inventory management drains money out of your business through un-returned, damaged, and lost inventory. When spare parts go unused it’s easy to forget to return them to the vendor. Instead, they end up in the corner of the warehouse or left rattling around in a truck, many ending up misplaced or broken. With effective inventory control, unused parts can easily be tracked, marked for return, and included in your stockroom’s workflow, giving your team the tools to reduce inventory wastage.

Inventory customer screen

Improve customer service

By combining field service management software and inventory management in one system, you are able to offer your customers a better overall service. You will automatically be notified if a vendor delivery hasn’t arrived within a set time frame before a scheduled job. This allows you to let your customer know in advance, so you don’t disappoint on the day. Additionally, when booking in work orders, you can quickly check whether the parts are in stock and assign them for that customer’s work.

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