Mobile workforce management for field service businesses

Your technicians already use their mobile phones in every facet of their lives. Why not have them use their phone to help manage their work, too? Mobile workforce management is increasingly important for creating an efficient and profitable field service company. Commusoft's mobile app takes your business to the next level.

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Track work orders, receive real-time updates, create essential documents, order parts, and much more with Commusoft's mobile workforce management for field service businesses. Our iOS and Android experience will radically improve technicians' day-to-day tasks.

Creating a more flexible and efficient workforce

Go paperless

No technician enjoys carrying stacks of papers between jobs. The Commusoft mobile app takes everything digital - keeping documents safe, organized, and accessible from anywhere.

Real-time updates

Get immediate notifications when changes are made to a work order or event. This way, your field and office staff can always be on the same page, improving efficiency and productivity.

Track your team

Mobile workforce management lets you track the time your technicians spend working and traveling between jobs. Now you can easily create accurate time sheets and cost reports!

Mobile app for iOS and Android phones and tablets

Manage your business from the device you’re most comfortable with

Commusoft’s mobile app can run on iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles or Android tablets. The experience is adjusted and optimized for whichever device you choose to use. From the web app, owners/managers can set access levels to control what mobile users have access to. With full permissions, you can view everyone’s schedule, book, edit, and cancel jobs all from your mobile device. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this feature!

Create, email and print certificate from you mobile with Commusoft job management software

Get access from anywhere, even without a signal

Technicians work all over the place and there’s no guarantee of finding 4G, LTE, or a WiFi signal to connect to. Luckily, that’s not an issue with Commusoft’s mobile workforce management software. Even without internet access, you can see all your important information and create new documents against the job record. Your app will save updates locally and automatically sync across Commusoft as soon as your connection returns.

Edit, delete or change part status

Send instant updates

Mobile work order management software allows you to run your business wherever you and your staff are located. Any changes that you make through Commusoft will be immediately communicated to all impacted app users. For example, as soon as a job is completed, the technician can send a notification to the office staff who can then raise an invoice. Alternatively, the technician can raise an invoice while still at the property.

Example of mobile checklist in action

Create digital checklists

The Commusoft app allows you to complete digital checklists in the field to track anything you like. These checklists are completely customizable. Web app users can create checklists with text entry, dropdown fields, multiple choice selections, signature capture, and more. Digital signature capture protects your business by allowing you to get sign-off from customers when the work is complete. Checklists make your technician’s job easier and provide documents that can be automatically emailed to customers.

Creating professional invoice headers

Generate invoices from anywhere

Feel like your office staff are overloaded with jobs that need to be invoiced? It’s all too easy to end up missing some and lose out on crucial business revenue. With the Commusoft mobile app, technicians can create and send out invoices directly from the property as soon as the work is complete. It’s a great way of staying organized and improving your cash flow.

Create visual records

A picture is worth a thousand words. That means video must be worth millions! Our mobile app allows you to take photos and video when in the field and attach them to the job record. Snap a photo of a job well done, unusual DIY attempts impacting your work, or anything else relevant to the job. This is also a great way to provide evidence of the property’s condition before and after work commenced, which can be helpful for mitigating customer disputes.

Technician using the app to view a job

Create estimates and quotes from anywhere

Chasing customers to accept estimates can be a real drain on time. The longer they have to think about it, the more options they consider. Meaning it’s less likely that they’ll choose your business to provide the work. With the quoting feature available through Commusoft’s work order management software, technicians can create estimates and have customers accept them before they’ve even left the property.

purchase orders software on a mobile device

Request or order parts

Having the right parts makes your technicians more prepared and efficient, and increases their professionalism in the eyes of your customers. You can request parts from the office, state that you’ll be installing parts from the truck, or even order new parts from vendors using our mobile app.

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