Service Reminders

Increase recurring revenue by sending service reminders

With automated service reminders, you book more jobs while providing your customer a frictionless scheduling experience. Service reminders are sent before the service is due and includes a link so your customer can conveniently book appointments straight in your schedule.

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Almost every large asset you install comes with a service-dependent warranty. If you aren't completing that recurring service, your competition is. Commusoft’s service reminders help you retain more customers by sending automated messages so they can book their service.


No need to email or call a customer when a service is due; Commusoft does it for you by automatically sending a reminder message. Included in the message is a portal link so your customer can book the job in your technician’s calendar.


You can customize reusable templates for each type of service reminder you send out. Our service reminders automatically include customer details—such as the customer name, property address, etc.—ensuring you provide a personalized experience.

Key functionalities of service reminders

  • Automated and manual reminders
  • Custom message templates
  • Set different timeframes
  • Link service jobs to a reminder
  • Online service booking available
  • Appointments sync to your schedule

Automate reminders for customers who haven't booked yet

Getting in touch with all the customers who haven’t contacted you about recurring maintenance jobs can be a lot to manage. Commusoft automates this entire process by recording when customer services are due and sending reminders for you. By sending automatic emails, text messages, or mail to the appropriate customers, our service reminder software frees up time for your office staff.

Plus, this allows you to capitalize on more jobs and generate thousands of dollars worth of value for your business (try our calculator to get an idea of how much!).

Online service booking

Let your customers book online

Get more repeat business when customers schedule their preferred appointment date and time straight from a link in the service reminder. Powered by intelligent scheduling, the booking portal only shows available appointments with technicians who have the right skills for the job. When multiple technicians are available for an appointment, the system assigns the technician with the shortest driving distance.

Service reminders into your schedule

Appointment goes straight into your technician's calendar

Once a customer books a job, the work order automatically enters into your schedule and is sent to your technician’s device. Spend less time scheduling and eliminate the need to chase customers or have them call the office.

Service reminder messages

Customize messages

To provide the personalized experience your customer desires, you can customize templates for different service jobs or customer types, whether it’s a multiple work address property or a single residence. Using tags in service reminder messages lets you automatically include customer details, such as their name and property address.

Want to increase recurring revenue for your business?

Service reminders choosing time frame

Send reminders based on time frames you set

Whether you’re setting up an annual reminder for a boiler service or a monthly reminder to maintain a fire alarm, you can easily customize the time frame for each service to match the maintenance schedule. You can also customize reminders for specific customers.

specific accounts with commusoft customer database

Send different messages based on the customer type

To keep business relationships strong, it’s important to use messaging appropriate for the type of customer. Working with landlords, property managers, housing associations, etc. is very different from working with private customers and companies. Commusoft provides a separate template for communications with multiple-property customers or businesses, in comparison to the one for private customers. This allows you to focus on highly specific and relevant information.

Arrange access for services

Easily arrange access to complete services

Even when handling services due at multiple tenant properties, you can automatically send a service reminder to the property manager informing them which properties need servicing. With their go ahead, you can then send an email or text message to each tenant to arrange access for that service. If you’re using our online booking as well, the tenant can book the exact appointment date and time themselves, meaning less back and forth with your team.

Ready to grow your business with service reminders?

  • Book more jobs
  • Increase recurring revenue
  • Customers book online