Service reminders ensure you retain business year after year

Service reminders drive return business and are crucial for any healthy field service company. Having to manually send these out is a tedious task. That’s why Commusoft's job management software automatically sends them for you based on your preferences.

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Service Reminder software

If you’re not sending out service reminders, you’re likely missing out on a large source of income. Commusoft makes it simple to automate this complicated, yet valuable process.

Get the most out of your business with automatic reminders

Stand above the competition

Almost every large asset you install will come with a service-dependent warranty. If your business isn't the one completing that annual service, your competition is. Commusofts’ automatic service reminders gets your name in front of customers whenever that service is due.

Not just annual reminders

Not all services occur annually, that’s why Commusoft allows you to customise your reminders to send in a variety of different time frames. You can also create service jobs, allowing the reminder to sync directly with that job.

Customizable templates

Each type of service reminder you send is drawn from a template, which can be customized as you like. Reminders are sent via email, SMS, or mail and can automatically include customer details, ensuring you provide a personalized experience.

Service reminder software automation

Automating everyday tasks

Commusoft automatically records when customer services are due and it automatically sends out service reminders in the background, without you having to do anything. You can define the number of weeks you want to set before the reminder is automatically sent and how each customer receives their reminder. This can be sent by email, SMS text message, or letter. All you need to do is relax and wait for your customers to call!

Service reminders job management software

Keep track of customers that haven’t had their service yet

To optimize your service and maximize revenue, it’s important to get in touch with customers who haven’t yet contacted you about their service. Commusoft can also automate this process, sending follow-up emails, SMS or letters to the appropriate customers, reducing your administrative burden. You can view a report showing all customers who haven’t yet booked their service with the simple click of a button. It’s that easy!

Service reminders software for multiple properties

Different email and letter templates as needed

Working with landlords, real estate agencies, housing associations, etc. is very different to working with private customers and companies. To keep the business relationship strong, it is important to send the appropriate reminders to the right people. Commusoft provides a separate template for communications to multiple-property customers or businesses, in comparison to the one for private customers, allowing you to focus on highly specific and relevant information. Many businesses are already using this feature. 

Service reminder software automated follow up

Not just yearly services

Commusoft allows you to handle any type of service reminders as often as you like, providing customers with a regular and friendly service with virtually no manual input. Choose from several standard reminders or create your own service reminder types as required. This flexibility allows you to capitalize on work you may otherwise miss out on and generate thousands of dollars worth of value for your business.

Property access options for a tenant in Commusoft

Arrange access to the property

When dealing with private tenants, businesses and other workplace addresses, you will normally need to be given authorization to go ahead and carry out your services. Commusoft makes it easy to identify such reminders and mark them as authorized or not authorized. You can then send an email, SMS text message, or letter to the tenant or business confirming that you have been given authorisation and asking them to arrange access. Again, this process ensures that relationships with landlords and tenants are kept polite and professional.

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