Electrician Software for Field Service Businesses

Commusoft’s electrician software is designed for field service businesses to streamline and organize the day-to-day running of their electrical business.


Schedule electricians in moments

Commusoft's electrician software lets you organize and book jobs with simple drag-and-drop scheduling. Office staff can plan and rearrange jobs in seconds, while your electricians will receive notifications straight to their smartphone. With the Commusoft app, your team stays completely in sync and field electricians benefit from accessing their full calendar and more—no matter where they are.

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Automatic inspection reminders

Repeat inspections and services can be created to automatically send reminders to customers, letting them know an electrical service is due. Our messages even include an online booking link so your customers can set up an appointment right away. Set up your service reminders to recur at any time interval and generate personalized communications based on your templates. So whether you're conducting annual services or monthly checks, Commusoft's electrician software can handle it. Automated service reminders can be an important step in retaining customers and growing repeat revenue.

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Automatic service reminders

I can run my business and be an electrician all from one place.

I would not look anywhere else as I have everything I need to be an electrician and run a business at the same time thanks to Commusoft.

- Dalveer B., Director

Digital inspection forms

Completing inspection forms is a standard part of an electrician's day-to-day work and therefore a core component of any electrician software. You can design whatever type of custom form you'd like in Commusoft, pulling from 19 question/answer formats. Whether it’s a safety form, a form for a specific type of job, a checklist, an assessment, or whatever else, we give you all the tools you need to design the right form for every job. Through the Commusoft mobile app, custom forms can be completed in minutes from properties, saved as a PDF, and sent directly to customers via email. Plus, our form has a spot to collect digital signatures from the technician and customer to show you've completed the detailed work and inspection.

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Custom checklist example commusoft's job management software

Track asset history

Electricians install and inspect a broad variety of customer assets in both commercial and residential settings. With Commusoft's electrician software, assets can be updated from the property, related work history can be monitored, and assets can be added to contracts and planned preventive maintenance plans. You'll always know what assets are installed at each property and have the ability to record any type of data against those assets.

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Assets for electrical industry

Electrify your customer journey

Commusoft offers a simple, searchable customer database to track customers and their work history. With the right information on hand, you'll always be able to delight your customers with an excellent customer journey. Communication logs, asset records, job history, invoices, and more are all trackable in Commusoft's electrician software.

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Job details and mobile US


Key Benefits

  • Get rid of paper work sheets
  • Offer better customer service
  • Benefit from automatic service reminders
  • Invoice from both the field and office


Key Benefits

  • Create and manage service contracts
  • Manage PPM schedules
  • Monitor customer assets and history
  • Track customer SLAs

10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

Electrician software FAQs

What is electrician software?
Electrician software tracks and manages all aspects of your jobs. A few digital tools we offer are scheduling and dispatching, digital quotes and invoices, and customer and communication management.
Why should I consider electrician service software for my business?
If you're looking to improve profits while spending less time on tasks, electrician software is the way to go. Our automated systems ramp up productivity while making sure you're providing the best experience possible to your customers.
What are some best practices for how to use electrician software?
First, getting comprehensive training on your new software is going to be very important to get the hang of things. Next, you can upload all your data. Then you can take advantage of all the features and in no time, you'll be wondering how you ever functioned without it.

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