Turn a New Leaf with Green Energy Software

Green energy alternatives are transforming the skilled trades industry. As your clients opt for renewable energy sources, it’s time for your team to switch to digital job management solutions! Discover how Commusoft’s all-in-one renewable energy software streamlines installation and maintenance workflows, and fuels seamless field and office communication, so you can scale your growth.

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Implement Sustainable Company Workflows

Whether your team installs solar panels, repairs geothermal heat pumps, maintains wind turbines, or any other kind of eco-friendly utilities, organization is imperative. That’s why Commusoft offers structured recordkeeping, unparalleled inventory and asset management, and customizable preventative care solutions.
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Transform Your Workdays

Unclutter Your Office Schedules

Commusoft’s renewable energy software can streamline your office operations. With automated tasks, a powerful calendar, and straightforward team communications, admins can have the capacity to take on more important tasks.

Centralize Your Customer Records

Store vital client contact details, job histories, digital asset records, communication logs, and more, in a single green energy software platform. After all, your team shouldn’t struggle to find the customer data they need.

Oversee Your Mobile Workforce

Commusoft’s renewables business mobile app has many offline capabilities. When connection returns, data between the office and field will sync automatically. Your entire renewables team will stay organized no matter what happens!

online booking goes directly into calendar

Improve Customer Experiences

Stay Prepared for Anything

Want to prioritize customer support? Our renewables software can help! When a client calls, your admins will have access to current and past job files, invoicing details, and full communication history.

Increase Recurring Revenue

Great customer service will win you more contracts and repeat business. Our automated maintenance reminders and SLA platform ensure you stand out from competitors. As a bonus, these reminders come with a link to your online booking portal.

Accept Last-minute Call-outs

Whether you handle emergency call-outs, or if a job got canceled, our simple drag-and-drop scheduling allows you to plan and reorganize jobs in seconds. Your technicians will receive notifications straight to their mobile.

inventory management stockroom app

Grow Your Company Profits

Receive More Job Bookings

Automated processes can increase revenue. If you want to book more jobs, an online booking portal on your website and automatic renewables service reminders can help!

Organize Your Renewables Inventory

A dedicated parts and inventory management platform means you can track real-time stock, vendors and every renewables part. This way, you can reduce instances of wasting your inventory budget on unnecessary parts.

Receive Payments Quicker

Your green energy company can get paid faster by generating invoices directly from the field or office. If you want to save more time, you can let the system automatically invoice specific services for you.

Provide Unmatched Customer Service with the Best Green Energy Software

From service scheduling, to contract management, and PPM schedules, commercial and residential customers come with varying challenges and needs. The best renewable energy software equips your entire team with the tools they need to expertly handle anything that comes your way!

Maintain Renewable Commercial Appliances

  • Easily track planned maintenance schedules and contracts
  • Technicians arrive knowing the full service and asset history
  • Job reports and any custom forms are completed on site
  • The office team raise a consolidated invoice for all recent jobs
  • Customers oversee all documents through their customer portal

Amaze Customers with Green Solutions

  • Customers book directly into your schedule from your website
  • A technician with the right skills is assigned and notified
  • The tech tracks and logs their work using their mobile app
  • An invoice is automatically generated and sent to customers
  • The customer easily pays online and leaves feedback on the service

Ideal For

Solar panel installation

solar panels maintained with renewable energy software

Geothermal maintenance

geothermal pipes maintenance with renewable energy software

Wind turbine repairs

wind turbines in field

Hydropower servicing

hydropower dam serviced with renewables energy software


Business Manager

Heavenly Cool Appliance Repair

For the lifespan of a repair, from creation to completion, Commusoft’s job management process is unparalleled!

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Go Green with these Renewable Energy Software Features


    Your remote workforce can manage their entire workload from their mobile phones. Technicians can view important data, create documents, and complete jobs without any signal at all. Your app automatically syncs with the office as soon as your connection returns. Managing your admin and workflows has never been easier!

    Commusoft Mobile App on three devices

    Digital renewable energy appliance estimates are easy to create in Commusoft. They can be created at your office, or in the field with your phone or tablet. Send multiple options to prospective customers, and give them the ability to deposit payments online, so you can stand out against competitors and increase the chances of winning business!

    Online quoting portal

    Commusoft’s renewable energy asset management software can organize any green appliance your team works with! Our software enables you to track all of your customer's assets to monitor work history and linked jobs, add service contracts and PPM, plus install and update records from the site. It's never been easier to support commercial and residential clients.

    Asset management on mobile for iOS and Android

    Questioning how parts costs and inventory affect revenue? Worry no more; with Commusoft, you can oversee every part used by your renewable energy installation business. Whether they're located in your warehouse or company trucks, you won't lose track of how many filters, solar panels, or any other parts you have. Our inventory management system provides improved oversight of your parts workflow from initial vendor purchase order, to installation.

    inventory management stockroom app with barcode scanner

    Build completely custom safety forms, checklists, assessments, and more, with our agile form builder. Through the Commusoft mobile app, forms can be quickly completed and digitally signed on site and sent directly to customers via email. This way, you can guarantee your team is safe on the job site, and can collect the data your admin team needs!

    Deploy custom forms to mobile

    Easily oversee high-risk agreements and meet all requirements with Commusoft. We make it easy to create custom contract templates and accept renewals. Further, you can set planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules and benefit from automated PPM job creation, service task lists, and asset-by-asset service plans. Even more, you can accept auto-payments through our GoCardless integration, streamlining payments. Meeting contracted agreements and collecting digital payments has never been easier!

    Planned maintenance schedule

Go Green with these Renewable Energy Software Features

Renewable Energy Software FAQs

  • Renewable energy software is a digital platform that supports green energy installers in all aspects of daily operations.

    Commusoft’s all-in-one job management system stands apart by offering unmatched customizations and automation. From personalized customer communications, streamlined admin workflows, and smooth field workflows, we empower our clients to take full control of their day-to-day activities.

    Want to take pressure off your admins? We provide self-service solutions that empower customers to help themselves. Whether you want to extend your renewables business’s availability to 24/7 with Online Booking, offer commercial clients a personalized log in experience through a Customer Portal, or build and send automated Service Reminder templates, we have the tools you need to optimize your operations!

    Ready to see Commusoft in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Yes, we do; Commusoft’s mobile app was built so renewable energy technicians can accomplish more in the field, while streamlining communication with the office. Further, our mobile app offers a variety of offline capabilities, so your field team can be productive without a Wi-Fi connection.

    All data will sync to the main Commusoft web application and your office staff once your connection returns.

    From having access to customer and appliance histories, accessing your parts database parts, creating invoices, and so much more, Commusoft’s powerful mobile work app empowers electrical contractors with the data they need most.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s mobile app, and discover how you can empower your team from the road!

  • Compared to paper files, renewable energy software makes it easy for plumbers to record appliance details like make, model, the last date it was serviced, and more.

    Whether you serve commercial or residential clients, or both, great asset management not only helps you complete appointments faster, it increases customer satisfaction too. After all, well-maintained appliances increase asset uptime!

    Our asset management software supports many other aspects of the platform. Commusoft’s asset records give technicians the context they need, so they can arrive on-site prepared with any replacement parts they need. Further, appliance management supports a dedicated planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy. Your green energy team can be confident that all customer contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) are satisfied. Asset management can help your company reap the best benefits from working with repeat customers.

    Want to efficiently oversee customer assets with Commusoft? Book a call with our team today!

  • Absolutely; whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing renewable energy installation businesses.

    Our single platform and suite of tools support both small and large green energy maintenance organizations with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s different plans here!

  • Yes, free trial versions of our platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to evaluate Commusoft further.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

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