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Innovate your warehouse workflow and take control of your inventory

Commusoft's powerful multi-location inventory management system will manage stock as it moves across your entire business. By reducing stockpiling, organizing returns, and streamlining ordering, your team will be empowered to provide an unmatched customer experience.

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Revamp your inventory management system

Multi-location inventory

Manage your company stock across various locations, including technician' trucks and multiple storerooms.

Real-time inventory levels

Stay in the loop at all times with current stock supply levels through the web and mobile app.

Mobile warehouse app

Our convenient Warehouse app for iOS and Android devices, streamlines the check in and check out of parts.

Automatic reorder lists

Inventory automation protects your team from forgetting to reorder parts, so you'll always be prepared.

Stock returns

Bolster your company revenue and reduce stock wastage by effortlessly returning unused parts to vendors.

Inventory history

Review the history of all inventory transactions to track every individual item and what has occurred to it.


Managing Director

Premier Heating Solutions

[Stock control] allowed us to start buying our parts wholesale and we now carry a significant amount of product within our building. That has allowed us to save approximately 12% on our parts cost, which is touching on six figures.

Rearrange your inventory operations

Coordinate all inventory management activities


Our intelligent software aids your team in keeping a handle on all aspects of your stock. Parts efficiently progress from arrival, to the warehouse, to technicians, to installation or return, all while being tracked within a comprehensive system.

  • Utilize a dedicated warehouse app and barcode scanner
  • Always know what’s in stock from the office or field
  • Track real-time inventory levels across multiple locations
inventory management storage location

Make smarter purchasing decisions


Unused parts rattling around in the back of trucks or in a dusty corner of your warehouse eats away at profits. Blindly ordering and stockpiling parts only makes the issue worse. Instead, your team can make the most effective use of existing supplies first.

  • Technicians use available parts before ordering more
  • Carefully control stock levels with automatic reordering
  • See which stock is available, reserved, or being returned
how inventory management software makes it so you don't buy parts when you already have them

Transform your inventory management

Stop stock wastage and free up your cash flow


Reduce lost, broken, and stolen inventory by helping your team track unneeded parts and mark them for return. Seamlessly include returns in your warehouse process to ensure parts get back to the vendor and the cash ends up back in your account.

  • Our inventory management mobile app makes returning unused parts easy
  • You can track the whereabouts of every individual part
  • Know exactly where your money is being spent
easy returns to vendors with inventory management

Navigate the unexpected


Technicians can swiftly give customers clear information on which parts are in stock and which need to be ordered. Plus, you’ll automatically receive a notification if a delivery hasn’t been checked into your inventory in time before a scheduled job, so you can inform the customer in advance.

  • Impress customers by coming to jobs prepared
  • Reserve inventory for a specific customer from the job site
  • Automatic reordering ensures stock is always handy
inventory management stockroom app

Unlock the potential of inventory management

  • On-the-road transfers

    Rather than returning to the warehouse in the middle of the day, technicians can see what’s in stock in their truck and directly exchange parts using their mobile apps when in the field.

    Inventory barcode app
  • Automatic reordering

    Order without lifting a finger. Tailor your settings for routine parts reordering, and your warehouse will never run out of necessary supplies again.

    Multi-location inventory system
  • Barcode scanner

    Our practical mobile barcode scanner ensures seamless movement of inventory through your business.

    inventory management stockroom app
  • Picking lists

    Your warehouse manager can easily manage stock due in and out by creating personalized picking lists for all of your technicians to collect each day.

    Stock control picking list

Unlock the potential of inventory management

Inventory management FAQs

  • Inventory management software is a digital solution that manages your stock system, so you can organize your parts and free up your cash flow.

    Commusoft’s inventory management software goes further, helping your team organize stock across multiple locations, whether parts are in your warehouse, various technician trucks, or both. Your team can track real-time inventory levels across all locations, reducing lost parts, and slashing piles of excess parts.

    Want to learn more about multi-location inventory management? Read here!

  • Our inventory management mobile app helps your warehouse manager check in parts, create picking lists, and ensures the right parts get to the right technicians. Our app eliminates the need for your warehouse manager to lug around a barcode scanner and laptop computer to check-in and organize parts!

    This streamlined solution means your team can receive the parts they need sooner and complete more jobs quicker, so your business can bring home more profits.

  • Commusoft’s inventory management software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Inventory management is available on Commusoft’s Customer Journey Plan, or higher.

    Learn more about each of our plans ➞

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