Optimize customer service by gathering feedback

If you want more referrals and return business, it's important to keep customers happy. Asking customers for feedback is an effective way to learn which areas you are successful in and where there's room for improvement. Commusoft's after-sales care portal does this for you by providing an automated way of gathering feedback for completed jobs.

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Higher levels of customer satisfaction mean more repeat business, more referrals, and ultimately more dollars coming in. Our after-sales care portal gives you the data you need to improve services. By providing customers with a simple, yet effective customer feedback form, you see what to keep doing and what areas could use improvement.

Enhance oversight of customer satisfaction

Receive feedback

Thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback provides an overall measure of how successful your customer service is. You can also view the aggregate response data in the reporting dashboard.

Recognize problems

The after-sales care portal allows customers to provide feedback in the form of text. Listening to customers allows you to work out where you might be falling flat.

Implement changes

Awareness of what your customers like and don't like is the first step of improving customer satisfaction. The after-sales care portal data provides an opportunity to strengthen your services.

after-sales care portal question

Listen to your customers

Everyone wants to be listened to. Once the sales process is complete and the customer has paid their final invoice, send them a request for feedback via email. Then, they either give you a thumbs up or thumbs down and also have the option to include a text response. This gives your customers an outlet to voice their opinions and gives you insightful information to optimize your services.

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Analyze feedback data

A record of each customer’s feedback is saved to the related work order for your records. Look at the individual data for jobs and see what’s working and where there are issues. If you’re having repeat negative feedback from jobs with certain employees or services, our portal builds awareness as to who or what could use improvement. This helpful feature empowers you to make the necessary changes to move your business forward.

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Follow up with customers

Get a glowing review? Ask if they’d be willing to write a public review sharing their thoughts. Receive a complaint? See how you can address it, mend the relationship, and implement changes to avoid it happening again.

Customer satisfaction as a result of service appointment windows

Track customer satisfaction

A rolling measurement of customer satisfaction is viewable within the reporting dashboard. This is a percentage based on the number of positive and negative responses you have received from customers, providing a general way to understand how happy customers are with your work.

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