Receive payment online and improve cash flow

Give customers an efficient way to compensate you for your services. By using an online payment portal, customers view invoices and pay straight from their email. This process reduces nonpayments by giving customers convenient ways to pay bills. With just a few clicks, a customer can pay their invoice via credit or debit card from anywhere.

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Don't allow slow payers to choke up your business. You've done all the work, paying for both the labor and the parts. Now, it's time to get paid. Our online payment portal gives you a simple way to send invoices and provides customers with a quick way to pay. This tool also reduces your admin burden, automatically recording data in Commusoft, and saving you the time of taking payments over the phone.

Helping you get paid in a timely manner


Chasing customers is a labor-intensive process for your office staff. Save time and resources by using software that allows customers to quickly pay online.


Have your customers pay online with a credit or debit card as soon as they receive their invoice. Gone are the days of manually taking payments over the phone.


Stop spending your time entering records. Commusoft tracks and records the entire invoicing process and simply lets you know when your invoice is paid.

online payment portal

Take your invoicing and billing online

The online payment portal takes Commusoft’s invoicing and billing offering to the next level. Customers view their bill simply by clicking the link in the email you sent. The invoice neatly displays all the needed information and can show a full breakdown of the price, breakdown by category, or no breakdown. Your customer sees exactly what they owe and pay without having to call anyone. It’s that easy.

online payment portal email to customer

Customers pay wherever they are

Are you ready to get paid from the beach, the grocery store, or simply from the couch while watching TV? These days, everybody has their cell phone on them at all times. This means no matter where your customers are, if they can receive emails, they can pay their bills. Giving customers convenient and fast ways to pay is great for both your cashflow and overall customer satisfaction. Your clients and your bank balance will thank you.

Learn how portals can help improve customer journeys.

online payment portal pay using credit card

Quick and easy card payments

Its never been easier to take credit and debit card payments for your services and work. With the online payment portal, Commusoft takes instant payment from your customers and automatically records the transaction against the invoice. To benefit from this payment portal, you will also need a payment gateway integration – we currently integrate with Stripe and SumUp to make this simple for you.

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