Commusoft helps Heating South West perfect their customer journey


The 25 employee gas and plumbing company from Liskeard, Cornwall, was looking to remove stress from their customers and their staff - and they turned to Commusoft to help.


25 employees

Cornwall, UK

Heating south west
Commusoft gives customers a quicker response time and enables us to not feel so stressed whilst giving that response.

“[The reason we chose Commusoft] was partially due to a recommendation from an electrician friend of mine, but mostly it was just down to homework and comparing the different types of software,’ says Brian Hardy, son of the founder of Heating South West. ‘Commusoft seemed the most user-friendly, and I also liked the fact that it appeared to be constantly updating, constantly evolving, with more features always being added. That put my mind at rest that Commusoft was ahead of the game.”

Since 1975, Heating South West’s way of doing organizing and invoicing was ‘hard work and a lot of paperwork’. Brian wanted to implement field service management software, but his father, the company founder, had a bad experience years ago with a software system that overpromised and underdelivered. So Brian carefully examined several different field service management solutions before finally choosing Commusoft.

Read the full case study to find out how Commusoft’s service reminders, GPS Vehicle Tracker, and other features are helping Heating South West improve the customer experience—and take the pressure off their employees.

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