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26 employees

London, UK

As we’ve grown as a business, Commusoft has always been one stage ahead and we’ve grown into the functionality that Commusoft provided.

“We started off with just two of us really, but we’re now 23-25 people. We’ve been using Commusoft for probably about 6 years. Commusoft helped with all the admin and it became an easy process to handle. Commusoft allows us to give our customer a more complete service. Whereas before you were limited to the amount of information you can convert on an invoice or a phone call, now we are able to attach files, jobs notes, and additional works. The technicians are getting on well with the smartphones and this allows us to evolve as a company and to give a better customer service.

The central feature that we use is the service scheduling. We have seven people in the office, who are on the calendar all the time, scheduling technicians and keeping customers in touch. Once that has been completed, then the information is uploaded on Commusoft, we process it there and we take it through to the invoice stage.

Commusoft is so useful that we couldn’t function as a company without it. There is a lot of stuff that we’ve outsourced for a number of years which Commusoft has picked up on. We’re now bringing these tasks in-house since they are part of the Commusoft package. That’s great because it allows us to keep everything under one roof or on one platform. As we’ve grown as a business, Commusoft has always been one step ahead and we’ve grown into the functionality that Commusoft provides.

Commusoft is brilliant because it’s a one-stop shop, everything is there – you can run your whole business on this platform.”

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