Job Costing

Track job costs and evaluate profitability per job

Job costing with Commusoft allows field service businesses to track labor costs, travel time, and parts used for a job. With accurate costings per job, you can view profit and expense reports to best identify how you can grow your revenue even further.

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Job costing tool in use

Go paperless

Forget managing piles of documents in the office. Go paperless with your job costing and store all your vital business information in the cloud.

Decrease admin time

Costs are automatically saved against a job and everything is kept together in one convenient location, reducing time spent recording costs and building job profit reports.

Increase data accuracy

Manually filling in timesheets and reports increases the chances of making errors. Commusoft draws data from real-time actions meaning your job costing will be as accurate as possible.

Key functionalities of job costing

  • Automatically pulls costing data
  • Calculates labor costs
  • All job and cost info in one place
  • Preconfigured profit reports
labor costs, travel costs, and open purchase order costs

Keep accurate costs against jobs

To stay both competitive and profitable you must ensure that your business tracks all of its costs. Of course, doing this manually is a huge time burden for your staff. By contrast, Commusoft makes it easy to keep accurate costs against each job, including labor, travel, sub-contractors, parts, and any miscellaneous costs.

create accurate labor costs by measuring when your technician travels, arrives, and leaves a job

Automatically track labor and travel times

Commusoft automatically records labor costs based on a technician’s time at a property. This data is seamlessly gathered through Commusoft’s mobile app every time technicians mark themselves as traveling to, arrived, or leaving a property. This eliminates the need to manually input information and calculates the associated cost from the assigned labor rate for that employee. Need to add additional labor or travel costs? No problem—you can manually add extra costs as needed.

Job costing - profit by job

See profit reports by job

Commusoft provides a number of key reports to help you understand how your business is performing. Profit reports give you a clear overview of your total costs, profits, and profit margin on individual jobs. You can filter by technician to see which employees produce the most profit for your company. Plus, you can export these reports for further analysis. This information is vital for understanding how your company generates money and what you can do to help your team cost jobs more profitably.

Ready to track your finances better with job costing?

  • Easily track costs
  • Understand job pricing
  • Automate profit reports